19 December 2006 in Moscow’s Kremlin and on 24 January 2012 outside United Nations headquarters in New York City:

January 2009 in Damascus after 39 years of Assad dictatorship:

USA's Clinton administration and its CIA used Syria as an illicit base of operations to torture ghost detainees, as part of a program known as extraordinary rendition, this program was established in the mid-1990s and expanded in the 2000s - 3 November 2009: Canadian/Syrian Maher Arar was detained by USA officials in 2002, held for two weeks incommunicado without access to counsel, was abusively interrogated and 'rendered' despite his pleas that he would be tortured to Syria to be tortured, remaining in Syria for the next 10 months under the most brutal and inhumane conditions imaginable as everyone acknowledges that he was never involved with terrorism and was guilty of nothing


19 May 2010 in Damascus:


24 January 2012 outside United Nations headquarters in New York City:

8 February 2012 in Damascus:

14 March 2012 in Damascus:

30 May 2012 in Damascus after the Houla massacre 25 May 2012:

19 November 2013: Bashar al-Assad and Kim Jong-un are pen friends, says North Korean regime

15 December 2015: In response to the recent massacres in Douma and Eastern Ghouta by Russian warplanes, activists in Damascus launch a campaign distributing leaflets with pictures of Russia's Putin reading 'the murderer of Syrian people'

7 January 2016: After bomb test, North Korea and Iranian regime continue illicit nuke cooperation

5/7 February 2016: Closing in on Aleppo, foreign Shiite fighters tighten grip on Syria, as forces laying siege to the war-torn country’s one-time commercial hub are loyal to Iranian regime and Hezbollah

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