January 2009 in Damascus after 39 years of Assad dictatorship:


19 May 2010 in Damascus:


24 January 2012 outside United Nations headquarters in New York City:

8 February 2012 in Damascus:

14 March 2012 in Damascus:

30 May 2012 in Damascus after the Houla massacre 25 May 2012:

19 November 2013: Bashar al-Assad and Kim Jong-un are pen friends, says North Korean regime

15 December 2015: In response to the recent massacres in Douma and Eastern Ghouta by Russian warplanes, activists in Damascus launch a campaign distributing leaflets with pictures of Russia's Putin reading 'the murderer of Syrian people'

7 January 2016: After bomb test, North Korea and Iranian regime continue illicit nuke cooperation

5/7 February 2016: Closing in on Aleppo, foreign Shiite fighters tighten grip on Syria, as forces laying siege to the war-torn country’s one-time commercial hub are loyal to Iranian regime and Hezbollah

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