Democracy in the Middle East
Arab Spring - Middle East and North Africa protests and revolutions since 2010 - Women in the Arab Spring - 13 February 2014: Fearful of Arab Spring-inspired unrest, Gulf monarchies have stepped up efforts to monitor and control the media, Reporters Without Borders says

Human rights in the Middle East - African society by country - African society by subject
Slavery in contemporary Africa: Slavery in contemporary Africa
Women and women's rights in Africa: Women in Africa - Women in Africa by country - Women's rights in Africa by country and subject - Violence against women in Africa by country and subject - Sexism in Africa
Gender, marriage, and ages of consent in Africa: Gender in Africa by contry and subject - The age of consent in Africa for sexual activity varies by jurisdiction across the continent, ranging from age 12 to age 18 - Polygamy by country - Polygyny in Islam - Islamic marital jurisprudence - Marriage in Islam - Divorce in Islam - Women in Islam - Women in Arab societies - Women's rights in Islam - Islam and domestic violence
Women's organizations in Africa: Women's organizations in Africa by country
Childhood and youth in Africa by country: Childhood in Africa - Youth in Africa by country
Child labour in Africa: Child labour in Africa - Africa has the world's highest incidence rates of child labour especially in sub-saharan Africa where more than 40% of all children aged 5–14 labour for survival, or about 48 million children
Child soldiers in Africa: Child soldiers in Africa

Education in the Middle East and North Africa - Education in the Middle East

Terrorism in the Middle East by country - Terrorism in the Arab world by country - Islamic terrorism - Islamic terrorism by continent - Islamic terrorism by country
Muslim attitudes toward terrorism - Islamism - Islamist groups - Shia Islamist groups - Sunni Islamist groups - Islamism by country
Slavery in 21st-century Islamism - History of slavery in the Muslim world

Religion in the Middle East
Judaism - Jewish history - Jewish–Roman wars, a series of large-scale revolts by the Jews of the Eastern Mediterranean against the Roman Empire between 66 and 135 CE ending with the destruction of Jerusalem, mass execution of Judean population and diaspora of survivors - Roman destruction of Judea and Jewish diaspora - Judaism by country - Judaism and science - Jewish views on evolution
Islam - Timelines of Muslim history - Muhammad (570-632) - List of expeditions and battles of Muhammad comprising information about casualties, objectives, and nature of the military expeditions ordered by Muhammad - Invasion and massacre of Banu Qrayza 627 - Violence in the Quran
Islam in the Arab world
Islam in Africa - Islam in Asia
2012: 16 août 2012: La Syrie mise au ban de la communauté musulmane par l'OCI
Shi'a-Sunni relations - Iran–Saudi Arabia proxy conflict - Iran and state-sponsored terrorism
2013: 9 August 2013: Muslims celebrate Eid across the world amid bomb blasts and threats of violence

Economy of the Middle East - Economy of the menber states of the Arab League
2015: 20 May 2015: Waged employment on the rise in the Middle East and North Africa but youth and women see further job losses, ILO says in its annual outlook - 23 May 2015: Mideast youth unemployment rises amid post-Arab Spring chaos, influx of refugees, prolonged conflict and low economic growth
Arab League boycott of Israel - Economic effects and foreign reactions to the boycott of Israel - Boycotts of Israel - British and French judgements on public calls for a boycott of Israeli products, incitement and discrimination - Antisemitic boycotts and history

Arab League - History of the Arab League
2012: 28 March 2012: Arab League begins key Baghdad summit - water shortages and regional economy top the agenda at 21-nation bloc's first meeting since the Arab Spring uprisings - 23 juillet 2012: Au terme d'une réunion à Doha, la Ligue arabe presse Assad de partir en échange d'une sortie 'sûre'
2013: 26 March 2013: The Arab League is preparing for a two-day summit in Doha where opposition against Assad regime will represent Syria for the first time - 1 mai 2013: La Ligue arabe tente de relancer le processus de paix israélo-palestinien acceptant pour la première fois le principe d'un 'échange mineur de terre comparable et mutuellement accepté' - 27 August 2013: Arab League accuses Assad regime of chemical attack - 1 September 2013: Arab League urged the UN and the international community to take 'deterrent' action against the Syrian Assad regime over chemical attack - 8 September 2013: Arab ministers agree Syria chemical weapons attack crossed 'global red line'
2014: 9 March 2014: Arab League backs Abbas' refusal to recognize Israel as Jewish state - 26 March: Arab League rejects Israel as Jewish state
2015: 29 March 2015: Arab leaders gathered at a summit in Egypt will announce the formation of a unified regional force to counter growing security threats, as conflicts rage in countries such as Yemen and Libya - 7 April: Arab League calls the international community to intervene immediately to protect Palestinian refugees from ongoing infighting in Syria emphasizing that about 500,000 Palestinians are subject to inhuman attacks - 3 October 2015: Syrian Coalition calls for Arab League emergency meeting to respond to Russia’s aggression against Syrian people
2016: 11 January 2016: Arab League condemns Iranian meddling in Arab affairs, promising to support any measure against Iran to halt the regime’s terrorist acts - 11 March 2016: The Arab League declared Lebanon-based Shiite group Hezbollah a terrorist organization, decision supported by nearly all members, expect for Lebanon and Iraq, which expressed 'reservations'
September 2016: 26 September 2016: The Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Sunday condemns the killing of civilians in Aleppo and called for the international community to intervene directly to stop what was occurring in the city
December 2016: 20 December 2016: Arab League condemns Assad regime's and allies' atrocities in Aleppo
July 2017: 15 July 2017: Arab League scolds Israel for Temple Mount closure, failing to mention attack, after Hamas and Islamic Jihad praised the deadly shooting attack at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount on Friday, while Palestinian social media was rife with accolades for the killers

Middle East economic integration
Economic and Social Council - Council of Arab Economic Unity - Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development - Integrated Water Resources Management - Water politics in the Middle East

Environment of the Middle East - Environment of the Mediterranean
Mediterranean climate - Hot Desert climates - Arabian Desert climate - Hadley cell expansion and climate change

Natural disasters in the Middle East
2015: 26 October 2015: Extreme heatwaves could push Gulf climate including Iran’s coast beyond human endurance if the world fails to cut carbon emissions, USA study shows
2016: 3 March 2016: The recent drought that began in 1998 in the eastern Mediterranean Levant region is probably the worst in 900 years, according to a new NASA report - 10 August 2016: Record-shattering temperatures this summer have scorched countries from Morocco to Saudi Arabia and beyond, as climate experts warn that the severe weather could be a harbinger of worse to come
August 2017: 21 August 2017 Marseille attack - 21 August 2017: At least one person killed and another person left seriously injured in Marseille after a car crashed into people waiting at two different bus stops