Americas - Geography of North America - Geography of South America
For thousands of years Indigenous peoples of the Americas - Indigenous languages of the Americas - Indigenous culture of the Americas - Genocide of indigenous peoples of the Americas - Genocide of indigenous peoples
2011: 24 March 2011: Spear points found in Texas dial back arrival of humans in America
2016: 14 May 2016: Sinkhole discovery suggests humans were in Florida 14,500 years ago
Since 15th century Spanish colonization of the Americas - Spanish Empire (15th century to the 1970s) - Spanish missions in the Americas are Christian missions established by the Spanish Empire during the 15th to 19th centuries, responsible for religious conversions of the indigenous residents, who have been enslaved and partly extinguished by the 'believers', the professional warriors 'conquistadores', using European tactics, firearms, and cavalry in the name of religion - Portuguese colonization of the Americas - Indigenous peoples and ethnic groups in Latin America - History of the Jews in Latin America and the Caribbean - Languages of South America
January 2019: 31 January 2019: New study by scientists at University College London 'Earth system impacts of the European arrival and Great Dying in the Americas after 1492'
European colonization of the Americas - Population history of indigenous peoples of the Americas - Languages of North America
Since 16th century Atlantic slave trade and slavery in the Americas - Afro-American peoples of the Americas - Afro-Latin American - African-American culture
1775–1783 American Revolutionary War, the war of independence between the Kingdom of Great Britain and 13 of its former North American colonies, which had declared themselves the independent United States of America - 1808-1833 Spanish American wars of independence - 1822-1824 war of independence of Brazil and first, second Brazilian republic and 1988 Constitution

Economy of the Americas comprises more than 953 million people in 35 different countries and 18 territories, the difference in wealth across the Americas can be seen roughly between the economies of North America and South America
Economy of Central America, the sixth largest economy in Latin America, behind Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia - Economy of Central America by country
Since 1980s: Since 1980s, for some countries starting in the 1970s, Latin American debt crisis was a financial crisis that originated, often known as the 'lost decade', when Latin American countries reached a point where their foreign debt exceeded their earning power and they were not able to repay it
Economy of North America comprises more than 565 million people, 8% of the world population, in its 23 sovereign states and 15 dependent territories, and marked by a sharp division between the predominantly English speaking countries of Canada and the USA, which are among the wealthiest nations in the world, and countries of Central America and the Caribbean in the former Latin America
Economy of South America comprises approximately 382 million people living in twelve nations and three territories and encompasses 6% of the world's population
Since 1980s: Since 1980s, for some countries starting in the 1970s, Latin American debt crisis was a financial crisis that originated, often known as the 'lost decade', when Latin American countries reached a point where their foreign debt exceeded their earning power and they were not able to repay it

North American society - North American society by country - Demographics of North America - Human rights in North America
Social issues in North America: Social issues in North America - Social class in North America - Poverty in North America - Social change in North America - Social movements in North America
Crime in North America: Crime in North America - Violence in North America

South and Latin American society - South American society by country
Demographics of and human rights in Latin and South America: Demographics of South America - Human rights in South America - Human rights in Latin America
Social issues in South America: Social issues in South America - Social class in South America - Poverty in South America - Social change in South America - Movements in South America
2019 Latin American protests against austerity measures, political corruption in the region and climate change: 2019 Latin American protests, a series of escalating examples of civil disobedience in various countries across Latin America protesting against austerity measures and political corruption in the region
2017–2019 Peruvian political crisis: 2017–2019 Peruvian political crisis, an ongoing period of political instability in the Republic of Peru during the government of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and since 7 July 2018 under the government of Martín Vizcarra
2018–2019 Haitian economic and anti-corruption protests: 2018–2019 Haitian protests throughout Haiti that began on 7 July 2018, in response to increased fuel prices, evolving into demands for the resignation of Jovenel Moïse and demanding to create a transitional government to provide social programs and to prosecute allegedly corrupt officials
2018–2019 Nicaraguan protests against poverty, authoritarianism and police brutality: 2018–2019 Nicaraguan protests began on 18 April 2018, when demonstrators in several cities of Nicaragua began protests against the social security reforms, later against authoritarianism and police brutality of the Ortega regime
May-October 2019 protests against Brazil's Bolsonaro regime and climate change: Maio, agosto, setembro e outubro de 2019 protestos estudantis no Brasil em 2019, também chamados de Dia Nacional em Defesa da Educação, ocorreram nos dias 15 de maio, 30 de maio, e 13 de agosto sendo o primeiro grande protesto contrário ao Governo Jair Bolsonaro - Greve geral no Brasil em junho de 2019 - 20—27 de setembro de 2019 no Brasil, nomeadamente em Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Maceió, Recife, São Luís e Salvador, diversas manifestações ocorreram, onde as pessoas protestaram contra os incêndios na Amazônia, contra as indústrias poluentes (termoelétricas), contra as mudanças climáticas e para que todos ajudem a 'salvar o planeta'
October 2019 Ecuadorian anti-austerity protests: October 2019 Ecuadorian protests, a series of protests and riots against austerity measures including the cancellation of fuel subsidies, adopted by Lenín Moreno's administration
October-November 2019 Bolivian protests: October-November 2019 Bolivian protests and marches in response to claims of electoral fraud in the 2019 general election
2019 Chilean protests for reforms in education, healthcare and pension systems, better wages, minimum wage increase, and new constitution: 2019 Chilean protests, ongoing civil protests throughout Chile in response to a raise in the Santiago Metro's subway fare, the increased cost of living, privatisation and inequality prevalent in the country
Since November 2019 Colombian protests against austerity and corruption and in support of the Colombian peace process: Since November 2019 Colombian protests, as hundreds of thousands of Colombians demonstrated in support of the Colombian peace process and against the government of Iván Duque Márquez
2019 ongoing Venezuelan pro-democracy protests: 2019 Venezuelan protests since 11 January, a coordinated effort to remove Nicolás Maduro from the presidency following Maduro's controversial second inauguration
Crime and violence in South and Latin America: Crime in Latin America - Crime in South America - Crime and violence in Latin America - Violence in South America
April 2018: 26 April 2018: Latin America has suffered more than 2.5m murders since the start of this century and is facing an acute public security crisis that demands urgent and innovative solutions, a new Brazil-based report warns
Racism and Antisemitism in South America: Racism in South America - Antisemitism in South America - White supremacy in South America
August 2018: 28 August 2018: BDS activists protest Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra concerts in South America
Fascism and Neo-Nazism in South America: Fascism in South America, an assortment of political parties and movements modelled on fascism, although originating and primarily associated with Europe, the ideology crossed the Atlantic Ocean between the world wars and had an influence on South American politics - Neo-Nazism in South America
Environment of South America: Environment of South America - Environment of South America by country - Natural history of South America - Geology of South America - Volcanism of South America - Climate of South America
Natural- and ecoregions of South America: Natural regions of South America - Ecoregions of South America - Ecoregions of the Andes - List of freshwater ecoregions of Latin America and the Caribbean - Amazon rainforest - Amazon biome
Water in South America: Water in South America - Bodies of water of South America - Rivers of South America - List of rivers of South America
Environmental issues and disasters in South America: Environmental disasters in South America - Sustainability in South America
January-August 2019 Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay wildfires: 2019 Brazil wildfires, revealed by the National Institute for Space Research INPE, releasing the information that at least 75,336 wildfires occurred in the country from January to 25 August 2019, as neighboring countries of Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay have also reported wildfire activity - 27 August 2019: As fires continue to rage in Brazil, nearly a million hectares of farmland and unique dry forest have been destroyed by weeks of blazes across the border in Bolivia, where the flames have now reached the country’s Amazon region
Natural disasters in South America: Natural disasters in South America - Weather events in South America
Earthquakes in South America: Earthquakes in South America
Cyclones in South America: Cyclones in South America
Floods in South America: Floods in South America
Droughts in South America: Droughts in South America

International organizations of the Americas since Decolonization of the British, French and the Spanish America

Since 1973: Since 1973 Caribbean Community - Member states of the Caribbean Community - 4 July 1973 Treaty of Chaguaramas - Caribbean Community's Single Market and Economy since 2001
Since 1991: Since 1991 Mercosur
2011: 21 December 2011: South America bloc bans Falklands ships
2012: 29 juin 2012: Le Mercosur suspend le Paraguay et va intégrer le Venezuela
2013: 11 July 2013: Angry Latin America wants answers on allegations of USA spying - 13 July 2013: South American leaders sent a tough message to the USA over allegations of USA spying and to defend their right to offer asylum to Edward Snowden
Since 2008: Since 2008 Union of South American Nations Unasur
2012/2013: 18 March 2012: Grouping of South American nations UNASUR reject British oil exploration in the disputed Falkland Islands - 20. März 2012: Britische Fregatte darf Peru nicht besuchen - Lima bekundet Solidarität mit Argentinien im Streit um die Falkland-Inseln - 2 avril 2012: Trente ans après la guerre des Malouines, les tensions restent vives - 5 July 2013: South America's leaders rallied to support Morales over the rerouting of his presidential plane, saying they are not colonies any more and claiming respect - 8 November 2013: The 12-member Union of South American Nations plans to prevent USA spying
Since 2010: Since 2010 Community of Latin American and Caribbean States Celac
2011: 3 December 2011: New Latin America bloc ends first meeting in Caracas - leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean have approved the creation of a new regional bloc that excludes the USA and Canada
Since August 2017: 8 de agosto de 2017 Declaración de Lima adoptada por Argentina, Brasil, Canadá, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Panamá, Paraguay y Perú reunidos en la ciudad de Lima para abordar la crítica situación en Venezuela y explorar formas de contribuir a la restauración de la democracia - 9 August 2017: In a joint declaration released after a meeting in Lima, 12 American countries including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru collectively condemned the 'breakdown of democratic order' in Venezuela and said they would not recognize any action taken by its 'illegitimate' new constituent assembly

Since 1948: Since 1948 Organization of American States - Summits of the Americas
2012: April 2012 6th Summit of the Americas in Colombia - 15 April 2012: Despite pressure at Americas summit, USA president remains firm against legalising drugs or engaging with Cuba - 15 April 2012: The USA and Canada opposing demands to invite Cuba to the next 'Summit of the Americas' to be held in Panama in 2015 the meeting 2012 ends without a joint declaration - 18 August 2012: USA facing embarrassment in the OAS over Assange on Friday
2015: April 2015 7th Summit of the Americas in Panama - 11 April 2015: Discussion between Cuba's Castro and USA's Obama set to take place today
2016: 13-15 June 2016 46th regular session of the OAS general assembly in Santo Domingo
2017: 19-21 June 2017 47th regular session of the OAS general assembly in Cancun

Since 1951 (2008): Trade Union Confederation of the Americas since 1951 (2008) - Trade unions in North America - Trade unions in South America - List of federations of trade unions Central, North and South America and Oceania - Permanent Congress of Trade Union Unity of Latin America, the Latin American regional organizations of the World Federation of Trade Unions

Antilles - List of Caribbean islands
Caribbean: The Caribbean region consisting of the Caribbean Sea, its islands (some surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and some bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean), and the surrounding coasts - Geography, geology, and climate in the Caribbean region
Demographics, history and economy of the Caribbean: Demographics of the Caribbean - The Taíno at the time of European contact in the late 15th century were the principal inhabitants of most of Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola (presently Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Puerto Rico in the Greater Antilles, the northern Lesser Antilles, and the Bahamas, where they were known as the Lucayans - The Island Caribs at the time of Spanish contact were one of the dominant groups in the Caribbean living throughout the Windward Islands, Dominica, and possibly the southern Leeward Islands - The Ciboney, a Taíno people of Cuba at the time of Spanish colonization the most populous group in Cuba, living in central Cuba during the 15th and 16th centuries - Spanish colonization of the Americas since 1492 - History of the Caribbean since the 15th century
Economy of the Caribbean: Economy of the Caribbean
Education in the Caribbean: Education in the Caribbean - Education in the Caribbean by country
Schools in the Caribbean by country: Schools in the Caribbean by country
Universities and colleges in the Caribbean: Universities and colleges in the Caribbean
Health in the Caribbean: Health in the Caribbean - Health in the Caribbean by country - Health in the Caribbean by dependent territory including 'Overseas France'
Health disasters in the Caribbean: Health disasters in the Caribbean - Man-made disasters in the Caribbean - Man-made disasters in the Caribbean by country
Since 1492 influx of disease in the Caribbean caused by Europe's colonization: Influx of disease in the Caribbean, following first European contact in 1492 starting an influx of disease into the Caribbean, as diseases originating in Europe and Africa came to North America for the first time, resulting in demographic and sociopolitical changes, as enslaved Africans were brought to replace the dwindling indigenous population, solidifying the position of disease in triangular trade
Since 1492 Malaria in the Caribbean: Malaria has had a significant impact on the history of the Caribbean, due to its effects on the colonization of the islands and the corresponding impact on society and economy, as Malaria was not found in the Americas prior to the colonization by Europeans
2013–2014 chikungunya outbreak: 2013–2014 chikungunya outbreak represented the first recorded outbreak of the disease outside of tropical Africa and Asia, as the first locally transmitted case of chikungunya in the Americas was detected in Saint Martin, beginning to spread rapidly throughout the Caribbean region, first to Martinique and Guadeloupe, with suspected cases also in Saint Barthélemy
Since 2020 covid-19 pandemic in the Caribbean: Since 2020 covid-19 pandemic in the Caribbean
8 April 2020 confirmed Caribbean covid-19 pandemic cases: 8 April 2020: Confirmed Caribbean covid-19 pandemic cases listed number of cases as of today, including the Dominican Republic with 2,111 cases, 108 deaths, 36 recovered, Puerto Rico with 620 cases, 24 deaths, Cuba with 457 cases, 12 deaths, 27 recovered, Martinique with 152 cases, 4 deaths, 50 recovered, and Guadeloupe with 141 cases, 8 deaths, 43 recovered
Healthcare in the Caribbean: Healthcare and medical schools in the Caribbean
Natural disasters in the Caribbean: Natural disasters in the Caribbean
Earthquakes in the Caribbean: Earthquakes in the Caribbean - List of earthquakes in Haiti
Hurricanes in the Caribbean: Hurricanes in the Caribbean - Hurricanes in Antigua and Barbuda - Hurricanes in the Bahamas - Hurricanes in Bermuda - Hurricanes in Cuba - Hurricanes in the Dominican Republic - Hurricanes in Haiti - Hurricanes in Jamaica - Hurricanes in the Leeward Islands - Hurricanes in Puerto Rico - Hurricanes in the Windward Islands
Lists of deadliest and costliest Atlantic hurricanes: List of deadliest Atlantic hurricanes - List of costliest Atlantic hurricanes
September 2004: September 2004 Hurricane Ivan and its effects in the Greater Antilles
September 2004: September 2004 Hurricane Jeanne
August 2005: August 2005 Hurricane Katrina
October 2005: October 2005 Hurricane Wilma
September 2008: September 2008 Hurricane Ike
October/November 2012: October/November 2012 Hurricane Sandy
September/October 2016: September/October 2016 Hurricane Matthew
September 2017: September 2017 Hurricane Irma - 6 September 2017: Hurricane Irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded over Atlantic Ocean, batters Barbuda and heads to Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico - 7 September 2017: Islands suffer huge damage as Hurricane Irma heads for Haiti and Dominican Republic - 8 September 2017: Irma's destruction, island by island - 12 September 2017: Unicef appeals for international help for Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Irma
September 2017: September 2017 Hurricane Jose - 9 September 2017: Hurricane Jose nearly 'category five' as it follows Irma's destructive path - September 2017 Hurricane Maria - 18 September 2017: Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico and the British and USA Virgin Islands brace for impact of Hurricane Maria less than two weeks after Irma hammered the region - 19 September 2017: Caribbean faces fresh devastation as Hurricane Maria hits islands - September 2017 Hurricane Maria - 20 September 2017: After leaving island of Dominica devastated, Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico
Greater Antilles: The Greater Antilles, the larger islands in the Caribbean Sea including Cuba, Hispaniola (containing Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands, constituting over 80% of the land mass of the entire West Indies and over 90% of its population
Lesser Antilles: The Lesser Antilles, group of islands in the Caribbean Sea forming a long, partly volcanic island arc between the Greater Antilles to the north-west and the continent of South America - Geography of the Lesser Antilles
Sovereign states of the Lesser Antilles: Sovereign states of the Lesser Antilles
Antigua and Barbuda: Antigua and Barbuda, consisting of two major inhabited islands, Antigua and Barbuda, and a number of smaller islands in the middle of the Leeward Islands, part of the Lesser Antilles
History, society and economy of Antigua and Barbuda - Natural disasters and hurricanes in Antigua and Barbuda
21 March 2018 Antiguan general election
Barbados: Barbados sovereign island country is situated in the western area of the North Atlantic and 100 kilometres east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea
Dominica: Dominica, officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an island country in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea, south-southeast of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique -Geography of Dominica - History of Dominica - Economy of Dominica - main industries include soap, coconut oil, tourism, copra, furniture, cement blocks, shoes - Agriculture in Dominica accounts for about 20% of GDP and employs about 40% of the labor force - main crop is bananas, output had fallen as a result of Hurricane David in 1979, and suffered a further blow from Hurricane Allen in August 1980
Politics of Dominica: Politics of Dominica - House of Assembly of Dominica
December 2019 Dominican general election: 6 December 2019 Dominican general election
Society, demographics, culture and law in Dominica: Dominica society - Demographics of Dominica - Ethnic groups in Dominica - Indigenous peoples in Dominica - Dominica is the only Eastern Caribbean island that still has a population of pre-Columbian native Caribs (Kalinago), who were exterminated or driven from neighbouring islands, according to the 2001 census there were only 2,001 Caribs remaining (2.9% of the total population), living in eight villages in a 'Special Carib Territory' granted by the British Crown in 1903, the present number of Kalinago is estimated at 4% more than 3,000 - Afro-Dominican, Dominicans of Black African descent are the most of the Dominica´s population, making up 86.8% of the population, while mixed 8.9%, according to the 2001 census - according to the 2014 census the majority of Dominicans of African descent making up 75%, the mixed population 19% and a small European origin minority 0.8% (descendants of French, British, and Irish colonists)
Culture of Dominica - Languages of Dominica - Education in Dominica - Dominica law
Natural disasters in Dominica: Natural disasters in Dominica - Hurricanes in Dominica - August/September 1979 Hurricane David
2015: August 2015 Tropical Storm Erika - 29 August: After storm Erika caused a trail of destruction that included at least 20 deaths and 31 people being reported missing, Dominica’s PM Skerrit says that the island has been set back 20 years in the damage inflicted by the storm
2017: September 2017 Hurricane Irma - September 2017 Hurricane Maria - 19 September 2017: 'We have lost all' says Dominica PM Skerrit, describing the destruction of Hurricane Maria
Grenada: Grenada island country consisting of Grenada itself and six smaller islands at the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, located northwest of Trinidad and Tobago
13 March 2018 Grenadian general election
Saint Kitts and Nevis: The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis located in the Leeward Islands chain of the Lesser Antilles, it is the smallest sovereign state in the Americas, in both area and population
Saint Lucia: Saint Lucia sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines island country in the Lesser Antilles Island arc, in the southern part of the Windward Islands
Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad and Tobago twin island country off the northern edge of South America, lying just off the coast of northeastern Venezuela and south of Grenada in the Lesser Antilles, is part of South America as it lies on the continental shelf
Lucayan Archipelago: Lucayan Archipelago, also known as the Bahama Archipelago, is an island group comprising the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and the British Overseas Territory of the Turks and Caicos Islands - Turks and Caicos Islands, consisting of the larger Caicos Islands and smaller Turks Islands, two groups of tropical islands in the Lucayan Archipelago

Argentina - Geography of Argentina - Pre-Columbian era - Indigenous peoples in Argentina - Colonial Argentina since 1502 - Viceroyalty of Peru 1542-1824 - Argentine War of Independence 1810-1818 - History of Argentina since 1816 - Demographics of Argentina
Economy of Argentina: Economy of Argentina - main industrie include steel and aluminum, machinery, motor vehicles and auto parts, appliances and electronics, petrochemicals and biodiesel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glass and cement, furniture, textiles, leather, food processing and beverages, tobacco products, publishing - Economic history of Argentina - Companies of Argentina by industry
Manufacturing companies of Argentina - Motor vehicle manufacturers of Argentina - Aircraft manufacturers of Argentina
Mining in Argentina - Silver mines in Argentina
Energy in Argentina: Energy in Argentina - Fossil fuels in Argentina - Natural gas in Argentina - Oil and gas companies of Argentina - Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales YPF - Petrobras Argentina - Americas Petrogas - Transportadora de Gas del Sur
Nuclear energy in Argentina: Nuclear energy in Argentina, about 10% of the electricity in Argentina comes from 3 operational nuclear reactors
2015: 2 December 2015: Outgoing Argentine President Cristina Fernandez on 1 December inaugurated a uranium enrichment plant to manufacture fuel for Argentina's nuclear plants, located in Pilcaniyeu in the southern Rio Negro province
Renewable energy in Argentina: Renewable energy in Argentina
Electricity sector in Argentina: Electricity sector in Argentina
Agriculture in Argentina: Agriculture in Argentina - products are beef, citrus fruit, grapes, honey, maize, sorghum, soybeans, squash, sunflower seeds, wheat, yerba mate agricultural and goods earn over half of Argentina's foreign exchange, an estimated 10-15% of Argentine farmland is foreign owned - Argentine wine - Tobacco industry in Argentina
Use of toxic agrochemicals in Argentina:
2013: 20 October 2013: Agrochemicals linked to health problems in Argentina - 10 December 2013: The use of pesticides increased 858% in the last 22 years in Argentina, but as there is a great business for the global poison industry, led by Monsanto and Bayer, and as its products are sprayed over areas of intense monoculture, where more than 12 million people live, the public health is faced with great problems, according to the Network of Physicians working in crop-sprayed towns
2015: 11 November 2015: Glyphosate has devastating, dramatic effects on the health of people living in very close contact with it, Argentinian photographer Pablo Ernesto Piovano's report on the conditions of people living and working close to GM soy crops, where massive amounts of herbicide are used, reveals
2017: 21 February 2017: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay farm transgenic seeds glyphosate resistant, but there is an association between cancer and environmental exposure to Glyphosate - 11 May 2017: According to official reports, 60% of the food that arrives in the Central Market of Buenos Aires has agrochemical residues
Argentine beef: Argentine beef - Argentina has the world's second-highest consumption rate of beef, in 2006 livestock farmers kept between 50 and 55 million head of cattle, mostly in the fertile pastures of the Pampas, and the country is currently the third-largest beef exporter in the world after Brazil and Australia
Forestry in Argentina: Forestry in Argentina
Water in Argentina: Water in Argentina - Bodies of water of Argentina
Rivers of Argentina: Rivers of Argentina
Tourism in Argentina: Tourism in Argentina - Visitor attractions in Argentina
Banking in Argentina: Banking in Argentina - Banks of Argentina
Central Bank of Argentina: Central Bank of Argentina
August 2018: 30 August 2018: Argentina has hiked interest rates to 60% as it takes dramatic steps to restore confidence in its plunging currency,in the latest sign of turmoil among emerging market economies this year
Foreign trade of Argentina: Foreign trade of Argentina
Economic history and economic cycles of Argentina: Economic history of Argentina - Economic crises in Argentina
1998-2002 Argentine great depression: 1998–2002 Argentine great depression during which its economy shrank 28 percent
Since 2005 Argentine debt restructuring: Argentine debt restructuring since 2005
Since 2008 Great Recession in South America and Argentin: Since 2008 Great Recession in South America and Argentin
July/August 2014 Argentina accuses USA of judicial malpractice for triggering needless default: 31 July 2014: Argentina accuses USA of judicial malpractice for triggering needless default - 7 August: Argentina files legal action against the USA at The Hague over debt default
August/September 2018 call for emergency release amid financial crisis: 29 August 2018: Argentina seeks emergency release of $50bn in IMF funds amid financial crisis - 27 September 2018: Argentina gets biggest loan in IMF's history at $57bn, as strict restrictions on funds include commitment to zero deficit for 2019 and limits on central bank actions
Since March 2020 economic impact of the 2020 covid-19 pandemic in Argentina: Since March 2020 socio-economic impact of the 2020 covid-19 pandemic in Argentina
Labor in Argentina: Labor in Argentina - Trade unions in Argentina - Labour disputes in Argentina
Taxation in Argentina: Taxation in Argentina
2012 fiscal austerity in Argentina: 2012 fiscal austerity in Argentina
Military of Argentina: Military of Argentina - Argentine Army
Coups d'état in Argentina: Coups d'état in Argentina
March 1976 Argentine coup d'état: March 1976 Argentine coup d'état planned by Argentine Armed Forces and installing a military junta, which was headed by General Jorge Rafael Videla, Admiral Emilio Eduardo Massera and Brigadier-General Orlando Ramón Agosti, and remained in power until 10 December 1983
Argentina and weapons of mass destruction: During the military dictatorship Argentina started to develop weapons of mass destruction, beginning a nuclear weapons program in the early 1980s, but this was abolished when democracy was restored in 1983
Politics of Argentina: Politics of Argentina - Constitution of Argentina - Legal history of Argentina - Political parties in Argentina - Trade unions in Argentina - List of trade unions in Argentina
Elections and politics in Argentina: Elections in Argentina
2008: 2008 Argentine government conflict with the agricultural sector
2013/2014: Argentine legislative election 27 October 2013 - 28 octobre 2013: La coalition présidentielle de Cristina Kirchner conserve sa majorité absolue au parlement à l'issue des législatives partielles - 12 September 2014: Argentina enacts law restructuring government debt
2015: 13 February 2015: Weeks after mysterious death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who had prepared criminal complaint, Argentina's president formally charged over alleged terrorist attack cover-up - 26 February: As Argentina's Congress votes to dissolve intelligence agency after Alberto Nisman's death and replace it with a new one, an Argentine judge dismisses accusation that President Cristina Fernandez conspired to cover up Iran's alleged role in deadly 1994 bombing - 10 August: Argentines vote in primaries in prelude to president Cristina Kirchner succession
October 2015 Argentine general election: 25 October 2015 Argentine general election - 26 October: Argentina's presidential election headed for second round after no clear winner
November 2015: 22 novembre 2015: Les Argentins votent appelés aux urnes pour le second tour de leur présidentielle - 23 November: When many Argentines are concerned about inflation, slowing growth and crime, the former chief executive of a football club Macri winning 51% is ahead of Daniel Scioli of the Peronist Victory Front who wins nearly 49% with 98.87% of the vote counted
October 2017: 18/20 October 2017: Major parties running in Argentina’s midterm congressional election on Sunday have suspended their campaigns after a body, hought to be that of protester Santiago Maldonado who went missing during a raid by the gendarmerie on a protest camp set up by indigenous rights activists more than two months ago, was found in a river
October 2017 Argentine legislative election: 22 October 2017 Argentine legislative election - 23 octobre 2017: En remportant les législatives, le président argentin Macri consolide le pouvoir de la coalition gouvernementale Cambiemos au Parlement
August 2018: 9 August 2018: Argentina’s senate has rejected a bill to legalise abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, but abortion remains legal in the cases of rape and danger to the life of the woman - 29 August 2018: Argentina’s president Mauricio Macri has asked the International Monetary Fund for an early release of funds from a $50bn deal to ease concerns that the country will not be able to meet its debt obligations for 2019
September 2018: 3 September 2018: Argentina's president Macri has announced sweeping new austerity measures including raising export taxes and slashing spending in an attempt to stem the country's unfolding currency crisis, prior to receiving $50bn of funding from the IMF
November/December 2018: 28 Noviembre 2018: El Gobierno utilizó USD 112 millones para la organización de la cumbre mundial, equivale a la construcción de 44 escuelas por ejemplo - Für den 2018 G20-Gipfel in Buenos Aires hat die argentinische Regierung einen Betrag von 112 Millionen US-Dollar zu Lasten der argentinischen Steuerzahler veranschlagt, u.a. für das Catering, das Gala-Dinner im Teatro Colón, die Gastgeschenke an die Delegationen inklusive die Mörder aus Rußland und Saudi-Arabien, und nicht eingerechnet 'Zusatzausgaben' an Material für die Sicherheit wie 12 Kleinflugzeuge Beechcraft TC6 Texan II von den USA für 160 Millionen US-Dollar, vier Artillerieboote von Israel für 49 Millionen USD sowie fünf Kampfflugzeuge Super Etendard von Frankreich für 12,5 Millionen USD
August 2019: 12 August 2019: Facing widespread discontent over austerity measures and low growth, Argentine president Macri was snubbed by voters who appeared to hand a resounding primary victory to rival Fernandez and to a ticket with his controversial predecessor Cristina Kirchner
October 2019 Argentine general election: 27 October 2019 Argentine general election - Candidates of the October 2019 Argentine general election - Opinion polling for the 2019 Argentine general election
28 October 2019 Fernandez wins presidential election: 28 October 2019: Peronist challenger Fernandez wins Argentine presidential election, as win caps remarkable political comeback for his running mate, ex-president Cristina Kirchner, who is accused of corruption and obstructing probe into AMIA Jewish center bombing
Social movements and protests in Argentina: Protests in Argentina
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Argentina: Argentine society - Human rights in Argentina
Timeline of Buenos Aires: Timeline of Buenos Aires
1620 capital of Buenos Aires Province: 1620 Buenos Aires becomes capital of Buenos Aires Province
1821 University of Buenos Aires: Since 1821 University of Buenos Aires
Since 1897 modern port of Buenos Aires: Since 1897 modern port of Buenos Aires
History of the Jews in Argentina: History of the Jews in Argentina
Science and technology in Argentina: Science and technology in ArgentinaScientific organisations based in Argentina> - Research institutes in Argentina
Research vessels of Argentina: Research vessels of Argentina
Natural history museums in Argentina: Natural history museums in Argentina
Health in Argentina: Health in Argentina
Medical outbreaks in Argentina: Medical outbreaks in Argentina
Since March 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Argentina: Since March 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Argentina
Health care in Argentina: Health care in Argentina
Hospitals in Argentina: Hospitals in Argentina
Football hooliganism and riots in Argentina: Football hooliganism and riots in Argentina
Argentine media: Argentine media
Freedom of speech and press in Argentina: Freedom of speech and press in Argentina
Newspapers in Argentina: Newspapers in Argentina
Internet in Argentine: Internet in Argentine
1985 Trial of the Juntas and aftermath: 1985 Trial of the Juntas and aftermath
Racism and antisemitism in Argentina: Racism in Argentina - Antisemitism in Argentina - Fascism in Argentina
1992 attack on Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires: 1992 attack on Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires
Terrorism in Argentina: Terrorism in Argentina
1992 attack on Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires: 1992 attack on Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires
January 2015 death of prosecutor Nisman: January 2015 Death of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman - 19 January 2015: Prosecutor Alberto Nisman in Argentina Jewish center bombing 1994 found shot dead before hearing on Iran deal - 22 January: New findings raise questions over death of Alberto Nisman - 23 January: Argentine president’s office says Nisman was likely killed by rogue Argentinian intelligence agents - 25 January: Journalist Damian Pachter credited with being the first to report the gunshot death of prosecutor Nisman said to have fled to Israel because of fear for his safety in Argentina - 27 January: Argentina to draft bill dissolving domestic intelligence agency 'Secretaría de Inteligencia' - 29 January: Nisman was wary of own bodyguards before death, fearing also for the safety of his daughters, assistant says
Since September 2017 assassination report: 24 September 2017: According to an official report, 1994 AMIA Jewish center bombing special prosecutor Alberto Nisman was assassinated by two people, who drugged and beat him and then manipulated the crime scene to make it look like a suicide in 2015 - 6 November 2017: Listing key evidence that wasn’t mentioned in previous reports, new border police agency report says prosecutor Nisman who accused president of obstructing probe into bombing was beaten, drugged and shot by two men, after alleging AMIA cover-up - 8 November 2017: Argentine prosecutor Taiano calls to investigate Alberto Nisman's death as a murder also identifying suspect Lagomarsino - 27 December 2017: Argentine special prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was found dead in 2015 after accusing the former president of covering up Iran's role in the 1994 Jewish community center bombing, was murdered, federal judge Julian Ercolini ruled Tuesday, saying there was enough evidence to support foul play in the death of Nisman
Corruption in Argentina: Corruption in Argentina
1976-1983 military dictatorship and corruption: 1976-1983 military dictatorship and corruption
2016/2017 Transparency International's Argentina reports: Transparency International's Latin America and Argentina reports
Corruption in Argentine Law Enforcement: Corruption in Argentine Law Enforcement
List of cases of police brutality in Argentina: List of cases of police brutality in Argentina - Police misconduct in Argentina
Coups d'état in Argentina: Coups d'état in Argentina
Attempted coups in Argentina: Attempted coups in Argentina
Organized crime in Argentina: Organized crime in Argentina - Gangs in Argentina
Human trafficking in Argentina: Human trafficking in Argentina
Violence against women and domestic violence in Argentina: Violence against women in Argentina - Domestic violence in Argentina
Disasters in Argentina: Disasters in Argentina
28 February 2019 AMIA bombing cover-up trial: 28 February 2019: After no one has ever been convicted over the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, former president Carlos Menem, his intelligence chief and the judge in charge of the initial probe face prison if found guilty of staging a cover-up, among 13 defendants who could be incarcerated for a slew of corruption and obstruction of justice charges when a court in Buenos Aires hands down its verdict after a four-year trial - 28 February 2019: Former Argentine judge Juan Jose Galeano, who led the probe into the deadly 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, was jailed for six years for his role in a cover-up, former intel chief also ordered to prison among other defendants convicted over corruption and obstruction of justice
Argentine Federal Police: Argentine Federal Police
List of cases of police brutality in Argentina: List of cases of police brutality in Argentina - Police misconduct in Argentina
Foreign relations of Argentina: Foreign relations of Argentina
Treaties of Argentina: Treaties of Argentina
1960 and 1982 UN Security Council resolutions concerning Argentina: 1960 and 1982 United Nations Security Council resolutions concerning Argentina
Bilateral relations of Argentina: Bilateral relations of Argentina
Since 1997 GasAndes Pipeline
Argentina/Germany relations: Argentina/Germany relations
Argentina/Iran relations: Argentina/Iran relations - 28 January 2013: Argentina and Iran create independent commission to investigate 1994 bombing at a Jewish centre in Buenos Aires that killed 85 - 14 February: Argentina's foreign minister insists that a judge will question Iranian suspects over the deadly 1994 bombing of a Jewish charities building after Iranian denial
Argentina/Israel relations: Argentina/Israel relations
1960 UN resolution 138 following Argentine complaint: In June 1960, after a complaint that the transfer of Adolf Eichmann to Israel from Argentina constituted a violation of the latter's sovereignty, UN Security Council declared in its resolution 138, approved by eight votes, that such acts could endanger international peace and security and requested that Israel make the appropriate reparation in accordance with the UN Charter, but Israel held the view that the matter was beyond the Council's competence and should instead be settled via direct bilateral negotiations, as the capture of Eichmann caused alarm at the USA's CIA and West German Bundesnachrichtendienst, which had known for at least two years that Eichmann was hiding in Argentina, but did not act, fearing what Eichmann might say in his testimony about West German national security advisor CDU Hans Globke, who had coauthored several antisemitic Nazi laws, according to documents declassified in 2006, also revealing that both agencies had used some of Eichmann's former Nazi colleagues to spy on European countries
Argentina/Italy relations: Argentina/Italy relations
Argentina/Lebanon relations: Argentina/Lebanon relations
Argentina/Paraguay relations: Argentina/Paraguay relations
Argentina/Switzerland relations: Argentina/Switzerland relations
Argentina/Uruguay relations: Argentina/Uruguay relations - Cruz del Sur pipeline
Argentina/United Kingdom relations: Argentina/United Kingdom relations
Climate of Argentina: Climate of Argentina
Environmental issues and environmentalism in Argentina: Environmental issues in Argentina - Environmentalism in Argentina
Forestry and deforestation in Argentina: Forestry in Argentina
Use of toxic agrochemicals in Argentina:
Natural disasters in Argentina: Natural disasters in Argentina

The Bahamas - Geography of The Bahamas - Pre-Columbian period - Lucayans, the original inhabitants of the Bahamas before the arrival of Europeans 1492, were seized by the Spanish as slaves and they had all been removed from the Bahamas by 1520 - History of The Bahamas - Since 1775 and the USA War of Independence loyalists, slaves and Black Seminoles, escaped from Florida, resettled in the Bahamas, practising American human rights - Demographics of the Bahamas - 85% of the Bahamian population identifies as being primarily of African heritage
Ports and harbours in the Bahamas: Ports and harbours in the Bahamas
Bahamas Securities Exchange: Bahamas Securities Exchange
Economic history of the Bahamas: Economic history of the Bahamas
Since September 2019 effects of Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas: August/September 2019 Effects of Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas
Labor and labor relations in the Bahamas: Trade unions in the Bahamas
Customs Service and taxation in the Bahamas: Bahamas Customs Service
Elections and politics in the Bahamas: Elections in the Bahamas
2012 Bahamian general election: Bahamian general election May 2012
May 2017 Bahamian general election: 10 May 2017 Bahamian general election
Society, demographics, culture and human rights of The Bahamas: Bahamian society - Human rights in the Bahamas
Cities in the Bahamas: List of cities in the Bahamas
Economy of Grand Bahama: Economy of Grand Bahama
Demographics and ethnic groups in the Bahamas: Demographics of the Bahamas - Ethnic groups in the Bahamas
Health and healthcare in the Bahamas: Health in the Bahamas - Hospitals in Bahamas
Communications in the Bahamas: Communications in the Bahamas
Media in the Bahamas: Media in the Bahamas
Crime in the Bahamas: Crime in the Bahamas
White-collar crime and corruption in the Bahamas:
Human trafficking in the Bahamas: Human trafficking in the Bahamas
Law and law enforcement in the Bahamas: Law of the Bahamas - Law enforcement in the Bahamas
Judiciary of the Bahamas: Judiciary of the Bahamas
Foreign relations of The Bahamas: Foreign relations of The Bahamas
Bahamas/Cuba relations: Bahamas/Cuba relations
Bahamas/Haiti relations: Bahamas/Haiti relations
Bahamas/USA relations: Bahamas/USA relations
Water in the Bahamas: Water in the Bahamas
Natural disasters in the Bahamas: Natural disasters in the Bahamas
Hurricanes in the Bahamas: Hurricanes in the Bahamas
August 1992 Effects of Hurricane Andrew in The Bahamas: August 1992 Effects of Hurricane Andrew in The Bahamas

Belize - Geography of Belize - Pre-Columbian Belize - Maya civilization - Spanish conquest of Yucatán 16th century - History of Belize - Demographics of Belize
Agriculture in Belize: Agriculture in Belize
Banana production in Belize: Banana production in Belize
Taxation in Belize: Tax policy in Belize
Politics of Belize: Politics of Belize - Political parties in Belize - Trade unions in Belize
Constituencies of Belize: Constituencies of Belize
Elections and politics in Belize: Elections in Belize
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Belize: Belizean society - Human rights in Belize - Belizean law
Garifuna people: Garifuna people
Culture and languages of Belize: Culture of Belize - Languages of Belize
Education in Belize: Education in Belize
Healthcare in Belize: Healthcare in Belize
Foreign relations of Belize: Foreign relations of Belize
Treaties of Belize: Treaties of Belize
Multilateral membership of BelizeMultilateral membership of Belize
Belize and the United Nations: Belize and the United Nations
Bilateral relations of Belize: Bilateral relations of Belize
Belize/D.R. China relations: Belize/D.R. China relations relations
November 2019 Beijing regime arrests Belizean citizen over meddling in Hong Kong affairs: 30 November 2019: Chinese Beijing regime arrests Belizean citizen over meddling in Hong Kong affairs
Belize/Guatemala relations: Belize/Guatemala relations
Since 1821 Belizean-Guatemalan territorial dispute: Since 1821 Belizean-Guatemalan territorial dispute
Since 2010 Belize–Guatemala Partial Scope Agreement: Since 2010 Belize–Guatemala Partial Scope Agreement preferential trade agreement
Belize/Israel relations: Belize/Israel relations
Belize/Taiwan relations: Belize/Taiwan relations
November 2019 Beijing regime arrests Belizean citizen over meddling in Hong Kong affairs: 30 November 2019: Chinese Beijing regime arrests Belizean citizen over meddling in Hong Kong affairs
Belize/USA relations: Belize/USA relations - Belizean American
Natural disasters in Belize: Natural disasters in Belize
Hurricanes in Belize: Hurricanes in Belize

Bermuda - Geography of Bermuda - List of islands of Bermuda
Politics of Bermuda: Politics of Bermuda
Political parties in Bermuda: Political parties in Bermuda
Elections in Bermuda: Elections in Bermuda
December 2012 Bermudian general election: 17 December 2012 Bermudian general election
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Bermuda: Bermudian society - Law of Bermuda
Demographics and ethnic groups in Bermuda: Demographics of Bermuda - Ethnic groups in Bermuda
Culture of Bermuda: Culture of Bermuda
Islands and landforms of Bermuda: Islands of Bermuda - Landforms of Bermuda
Water and bodies of water of Bermuda: Water in Bermuda - Bodies of water of Bermuda
Natural disasters in Bermuda: Natural disasters in Bermuda
October 2014 Hurricane Gonzalo: October 2014 Hurricane Gonzalo
October 2016 Hurricane Nicole: October 2016 Hurricane Nicole
Tornadoes in Bermuda: Tornadoes in Bermuda

Bolivia - Geography of Bolivia - Geology of Bolivia - Pre-Columbian Bolivia was part of the culture of Andean South America with agriculture starting about 3000 B.C. and production of metal, especially copper, 1,500 years later - Conquest of Bolivia by Spain since 1524 - Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire 1524–1572 - Viceroyalty of Peru 1542-1824 - Real Audiencia of Charcas (Sucre) since 1559 - Bolivian War of Independence 1809-1825 - History of Bolivia (named Bolivia in honour of Simón Bolívar) - History of Bolivia 1809–1920 - History of Bolivia 1982–present - Demographics of Bolivia
Coffee production in Bolivia: Coffee production in Bolivia
Bolivia maize varieties: Bolivia maize varieties
Land reform in Bolivia: Land reform in Bolivia
Irrigation in Bolivia: Irrigation in Bolivia
Transport in Bolivia: Transport in Bolivia
Rail transport in Bolivia: Rail transport in Bolivia
Road transport in Bolivia: Road transport in Bolivia
Economic history of Bolivia and economic cycles: Economic history of Bolivia
Inequality in Bolivia: Inequality in Bolivia
Armed Forces of Bolivia: Armed Forces of Bolivia - Bolivian Army
Military history of Bolivia: Military history of Bolivia
Taxation in Bolivia : Taxation in Bolivia
Indigenous organisations in Bolivia: Indigenous organisations in Bolivia
Trade unions in Bolivia: Trade unions in Bolivia
January 2013 Bolivian special municipal election: Bolivian special municipal election 13 January 2013
Social movements and protests in Bolivia: Protests in Bolivia
2011/2012 Bolivian protests: 2011/2012 Bolivian protests
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Bolivia: Bolivian society - Human rights in Bolivia
Moxo, Chané, Chiquitano and Ayoreo people: Moxo people - Chané people - Chiquitano people - Ayoreo people
History of the Jews in Bolivia: History of the Jews in Bolivia
Schools in Bolivia: Schools in Bolivia
Universities in Bolivia: Universities in Bolivia
Health in Bolivia: Health in Bolivia
Medical outbreaks and health disasters in Bolivia: Medical outbreaks in Bolivia - Health disasters in Bolivia
2009 Bolivian dengue fever epidemic: 2009 Bolivian dengue fever epidemic
Newspapers in Bolivia: Newspapers in Bolivia
Radio y televisión en Bolivia: Radio y televisión en Bolivia - Television in Bolivia
Internet en Bolivia: Internet en Bolivia
Crime in Bolivia: Crime in Bolivia
Violence in Bolivia:
Masacres en Bolivia: Masacres en Bolivia
Domestic violence in Bolivia: Domestic violence in Bolivia
Corruption in Bolivia: Corruption in Bolivia
Human rights abuses of UMOPAR: Human rights abuses of UMOPAR
Human trafficking in Bolivia: Human trafficking in Bolivia
Judiciary of Bolivia: Judiciary of Bolivia
Law enforcement in Bolivia: Law enforcement in Bolivia
Foreign relations of Bolivia: Foreign relations of Bolivia
Treaties of Bolivia: Treaties of Bolivia
Foreign aid to Bolivia: Foreign aid to Bolivia
Since 1948 Organization of American States: Since 1948 Organization of American States
Immigration to Bolivia: Immigration to Bolivia
Bilateral relations of Bolivia: Bilateral relations of Bolivia
Bolivia/Argentina relations: Bolivia/Argentina relations
Bolivia/Austria relations: Bolivia/Austria relations
Bolivia/Brazil relations: Bolivia/Brazil relations
Bolivia/Chile relations: Bolivia/Chile relations
Bolivia/Colombia relations: Bolivia/Colombia relations
Bolivia/Europe relations: Dispute with Europe over Immigration
Bolivia/Iran relations: Bolivia/Iran relations
Bolivia/Mexico relations: Bolivia/Mexico relations
Bolivian/Mexican trade relations: Bolivian/Mexican trade relations
Bolivia/Peru relations: Bolivia/Peru relations
Bolivia/Paraguay relations: Bolivia/Paraguay relations
Bolivia/Ukraine relations: Bolivia/Ukraine relations
Bolivia/Holy See-Vatican relations: Bolivia/Holy See-Vatican relations
Environment of Bolivia: Environment of Bolivia
Natural disasters in Bolivia: Natural disasters in Bolivia
Earthquakes in Bolivia: Earthquakes in Bolivia
Wildfires in Bolivia:
August 2010 Bolivia forest fires: August 2010 Bolivia forest fires
January-October 2019 Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay wildfires: 2019 Brazil wildfires, revealed by the National Institute for Space Research INPE, releasing the information that at least 75,336 wildfires occurred in the country from January to 25 August 2019, as neighboring countries of Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay have also reported wildfire activity - 23 août 2019: La Bolivie et le Paraguay sont, outre le Brésil, aussi confrontés à d'importants feux de forêt, et ils se sont engagés à combattre ensemble les flammes qui ont déjà causé à la flore et la faune des dommages «irréversibles», selon des défenseurs de l'environnement - 25 août 2019: Les incendies se multiplient en Amazonie - 27 August 2019: As fires continue to rage in Brazil, nearly a million hectares of farmland and unique dry forest have been destroyed by weeks of blazes across the border in Bolivia, where the flames have now reached the country’s Amazon region

Brazil - Geography of Brazil - Indigenous peoples in Brazil - Colony of Portugal 1500–1815 - History of Brazil - Slavery in Brazil - Economic history of Brazil - Casa grande (sugar plantation) - Demographics of Brazil
Mines in Brazil: Mines in Brazil
January 2019 Brumadinho dam disaster: 25 January 2019 Brumadinho dam disaster, when a tailings dam in Brumadinho, owned by Vale, the same company which was involved in the 2015 Bento Rodrigues dam disaster, suffered a catastrophic failure - 25 janvier 2019: La rupture d'un barrage du géant minier Vale a fait 'plusieurs morts' et environ 200 disparus à Brumadinho située à 60 km au sud-ouest de Belo Horizonte dans l'Etat de Minais Gerais, région où un drame similaire avait provoqué en 2015 la pire tragédie environnementale du pays - 25 January 2019: As many as 200 people are missing after three dams operated by the mining giant Vale collapsed in Minas Gerais state, releasing a wave of red mining waste and prompting fears of widespread contamination - 29 January 2019: 3 employees of the Brazilian mining company Vale SA and 2 other engineers working on behalf of the company have been arrested, Minas Gerais and São Paulo state prosecutors say
Energy and energy policy of Brazil: Energy in Brazil - Energy policy of Brazil
Electricity sector in Brazil: Electricity sector in Brazil
Coal mining in Brazil: Coal mining in Brazil
Nuclear power in Brazil: Nuclear power in Brazil
Agriculture companies of Brazil: Agriculture companies of Brazil - Copersucar
Coffee production in Brazil: Coffee production in Brazil
Soybean production in Brazil: Soybean production
Cattle and beef production, meat companies of Brazil: Brazilian beef production - Meat companies of Brazil
Irrigation in Brazil: Irrigation in Brazil
Water management in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo: Water management in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo
Banking and banks in Brazil: Banking in Brazil - Banks of Brazil
Financial services and financial services companies of Brazil: Financial services companies of Brazil
Economic history, economic cycles, income inequality and unemployment in Brazil: Economic history of Brazil since 1981 - Economic crises in Brazil
2007-2010 recession in South America and Brazil: 2007-2010 recession in South America
March 2012 Brazil has become the sixth-biggest economy in the world: 6 March 2012: Brazil has become the sixth-biggest economy in the world
Unemployment in Brazil: Unemployment in Brazil
Income inequality in Brazil: Income inequality in Brazil
Since 1930 Military coups in Brazil: Since 1930 Military coups in Brazil
1964-1985 Brazilian military government: Brazilian military government 1964-1985 - Human rights in Brazil
December 2014 Brazil’s National Truth Commission's report on the 1964-1985 military dictatorship: 10 December 2014: Brazil’s National Truth Commission delivers a damning report on the killings, disappearances and torture committed by government agents during the 1964-1985 military dictatorship, calling for those responsible to face prosecution - 10 December 2014: The International Center for Transitional Justice ICTJ welcomes the release of the final report of Brazil’s National Truth Commission after two and a half years of work to unveil the truth about serious human rights violations 1946-1988, especially during the military dictatorship 1964-1985, saying the report is a historic contribution to truth and justice in a country where serious crimes have remained unaddressed for decades and calling on the Brazilian judiciary to disregard the Amnesty Law
Taxation and budget in Brazil: Taxation in Brazil
Political parties, trade unions and workers' movement in Brazil: Political parties in Brazil - Trade unions in Brazil - Landless Workers' Movement, MST founded in January 1984
1946-1964 Second Brazilian Republic: 1946-1964 Second Brazilian Republic
1964-1985 Brazilian military regime: 1964-1985 Brazilian military regime
Elections and politics in Brazil: Elections in Brazil
April 1993 Brazilian constitutional referendum: 21 April 1993 Brazilian constitutional referendum
April/May 2016: Impeachment process against Dilma Rousseff, the charges against Rousseff include administrative misconduct and disregarding the federal budget, as well as suspected acts of corruption in Petrobras - 18 April: Brazilian congress votes to impeach president Dilma Rousseff - 19 April: President Dilma Rousseff vows long battle against impeachment - 21 April: Brazil president's chief accuser Eduardo Cunha faces investigations over alleged perjury, money laundering and bribes of his own - 6 mai: La justice suspend le président de l'Assemblée Cunha, instigateur de la destitution de Dilma Rousseff, accusé d'entrave à la justice dans le scandale Petrobas - 9 May 2016: Rousseff impeachment vote annulled - 10 mai: Le président de l'Assemblée Maranhao a fait volte-face et décidé de maintenir le processus de destitution de Dilma Rousseff - 12 mai: Le Sénat brésilien a approuvé jeudi par 55 voix contre 22 l'ouverture d'un procès en destitution de la présidente Dilma Rousseff - 23 May: The credibility of Brazil’s interim government rocked when planning minister Romero Jucá was forced to step aside amid further revelations about plot to impeach president Dilma Rousseff, as Jucá was recorded saying 'We have to change the government’ as the only means to stop a sweeping corruption investigation
September 2018: 1 September 2018: Brazilian court bars Lula from presidential election - 6 September 2018: A month before vote, candidates for Workers’ party and PDSB accused of illegal campaign donations in earlier races, as Transparency International Brasil backs Brazilian authorities' investigation and prosecution of 'this systemic behavior' - 7 September 2018: PSL's presidential candidate and former military officer Bolsonaro, who praises for Brazil’s 1964-85 military dictatorship, which tortured thousands of its opponents and executed hundreds more, and who faces trial before the supreme court for speech inciting hate and rape, stabbed at campaign rally - 12 septembre 2018: En prison pour corruption, Lula sera remplacé comme candidat du PT à la présidence par son colistier Fernando Haddad - 15 septembre 2018: Le nombre de candidats issus de l'armée à la présidentielle et à l'élection des gouverneurs a presque doublé au Brésil et suscite des inquiétudes - 21 September 2018: Brazilian women mobilise against Bolsonaro, who they believe represents 'an enormous setback for Brazil' - 23 septembre 2018: Les favelas oubliées de la présidentielle mettent la pression sur les candidats à l'approche des élections pour stopper les violences - 30 September 2018: Brazil sees black female candidates surge after assassination of Marielle Franco on 14 March 2018
1 November 2019 president's son suggests using dictatorship-era tactics: 1 November 2019: Brazilian president's son suggests using dictatorship-era tactics on leftist foes
15 May 2020 Brazil loses second health minister as covid-19 deaths rise: 15 May 2020: Brazil loses second health minister in less than a month as covid-19 deaths rise
7 June 2020 Bolsonaro hides Brazil's covid-19 death toll: 7 June 2020: Bolsonaro hides Brazil's covid-19 death toll and case totals
Social movements, criticism and protests in Brazil: Protests in Brazil
2013 protests in Brazil: 2013 protests in Brazil - 18 June 2013: Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of major Brazilian cities as protests spread against higher public transport costs, corruption and the billions of dollars being spent on new stadiums for the 2014 World Cup - 19 June: Protesters kept up the pressure with new demonstrations against growing cost of living on Tuesday in the country’s biggest cities, even as President Dilma Rousseff praises protest - 19 June: Brazil protests win fans among national football team - 20 June: As more than one million people have pledged via social media networks to march in 80 cities across Brazil, new protests kick off in Salvador - 21 June: At least one million people rallied across Brazil on Thursday in escalating mass demonstrations over the quality of public services and the high cost of staging the World Cup - 22 juin: Dilma Rousseff se dit à l'écoute de la rue et promet des réformes et combattre la corruption - 23 juin: Selon le premier sondage de l'institut Ibope, 75% des Brésiliens appuient le mouvement de protestation et les manifestations - 23 June: Latest Brazil protests bring 250,000 into streets demanding concrete steps and denouncing legislation that limits prosecution of corruption - 24 June: A tent camp set up by protesters outside the Rio de Janeiro governor's residence in this well-heeled seaside neighborhood provides a window onto the turmoil that has rocked Brazil - 24 juin: Dilma Rousseff propose un plan d'investissement de 19 milliards d'euros dans les transports publics et une assemblée constituante pour élaborer des réformes politiques pour sortir de la crise - 27 June: Brazilian police fired tear gas to disperse protesters near the football stadium in Belo Horizonte hosting a semi-final, with tens of thousands of people venting their anger
May-July 2014: 16 May: Protesters and police clashed in Sao Paulo, as demonstrations against the billions spent to host the World Cup and rallies calling for improved public services erupted in several Brazilian cities - 7 June: Police in Sao Paulo use batons and tear gas to disperse protesters on the second day of a metro strike - 9 June: Subway staff extend strike in Sao Paulo in defiance of a court ruling, seeking a pay rise of almost twice the annual inflation rate - 10 June: Despite two-day suspension of strike teargas fired by police at transport workers in Sao Paulo as mood about hosting the soccer World Cup remains sour among many - 11 June: 'We don't have hospitals, we don't have schools, but we have stadiums', residents of the Copa do Povo flash camp say - 12 June: As some airport workers have announced a twenty-four hour walkout in Rio de Janeiro, metro workers vote not to restart strike in Sao Paulo - 12 June: Anti-World Cup protests in Brazilian cities mark first day - 14 June: Despite police raids on activists' homes, protesters are gaining wide audiences with their calls for change in Brazil and beyond - 18 June: Police criticised after several people injured in eviction of tent community at site of proposed construction project in World Cup host city Recife - 29 June: Police fire tear gas to break up hundreds of protesters outside Rio de Janeiro's Maracana Stadium - 15 July: Fifteen reporters covering the final protest against the World Cup in Brazil were injured by police, according to the journalists' union in Rio de Janeiro
2016: 13 March 2016: Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians joined rallies across the country on Sunday against the government, struggling with an impeachment challenge, the worst recession in a century and the biggest corruption scandal in Brazil’s history - 28 June 2016: Rio police protest financial disaster ahead of Olympics - 4 August 2016: Brazilian police use tear gas and pepper spray to disperse protesters gathered along of the Olympic torch relay route near Rio de Janeiro, protesting against salary delays of public workers in Rio state - 5 septembre 2016: Des dizaines de milliers de Brésiliens soutenant l'ancienne présidente Dilma Rousseff destituée mercredi, ont défilé dans les rues de Sao Paulo contre son successeur Michel Temer - 17 November 2016: Brazil police use tear gas and pepper spray at austerity protest outside Rio parliament, where legislators proposed ways to cope with post-Olympics fiscal crisis that delayed payment to state workers, as the federal government says it won’t bail the state out, fearing that a cascade of states could ask for help, instead sending hundreds of military police against public workers kept from being paid - 5 décembre 2016: Au moins 20'000 personnes ont manifesté dans plusieurs villes du Brésil contre la corruption et scandaient également des slogans soutenant l'enquête autour du vaste scandale politique Petrobras
March-May 2017: 16 March 2017: Brazilian civil servants, rural workers and labor unions staged nationwide demonstrations against president Temer's pension reform plan - 29 April 2017: Brazilian unions have ratcheted up the pressure on president Temer with a nationwide general strike to protest austerity measures and corrupt politicians, that closed schools, disrupted transport networks and led to clashes with public security in several cities - 18 May 2017: Street protests and calls for impeachment of president Michel Temer as prosecutors are handed tapes of discussions about hush-money payments to jailed associate and powerbroker Eduardo Cunha - 25 May 2017: Protesters demanding the resignation of president Temer staged running battles with police and set fire to a ministry building in Brasilia, prompting the scandal-hit Temer to order the army onto the streets
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Brazil: Brazilian society - Human rights in Brazil
Largest cities in Brazil: List of largest cities in Brazil
Timeline of Manaus: Timeline of Manaus since 1669
Economy of Minas Gerais: Economy of Minas Gerais
Timeline of Rio de Janeiro: Timeline of Rio de Janeiro since 1565 CE
25 April 2020 Rio's favelas count the cost of deadly covid-19: 25 April 2020: Rio's favelas count the cost as deadly spread of covid-19 hits city's poor
Demographics and ethnic groups in Brazil: Demographics of Brazil - Ethnic groups in Brazil
Genocide of indigenous peoples in Brazil: Genocide of indigenous peoples in Brazil
Indigenous Territories: Indigenous Territories
Afro-Brazilian culture: Afro-Brazilian culture
Asian Brazilian: Asian Brazilian
Immigration to Brazil: Immigration to Brazil
Women and women's rights in Brazil: Women in Brazil - Women's rights in Brazil
Children and children’s rights in Brazil: Children of Brazil - Children’s rights in Brazil
Education and education policy in Brazil: Education in Brazil - Education policy in Brazil
Education in Brazil by state and by city: Education in Brazil by state - Education in Brazil by city
Schools in Brasília: Schools in Brasília
Schools in Rio de Janeiro: Schools in Rio de Janeiro
Schools in São Paulo: Schools in São Paulo
Health in Brazil: Health in Brazil
Medical outbreaks in Brazil: Medical outbreaks in Brazil
Since April 2009 swine flu pandemic in Brazil: Since April 2009 swine flu pandemic in Brazil
12 April 2020 Brazil reports 12,660 confirmed covid-19 cases and 1,223 deaths: 12 de abril de 2020: Brasil tem 1.223 mortes e 12.669 casos confirmados de coronavírus 'SARS-CoV-2', diz ministério
Sport in Brazil: Sport in Brazil
August 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro: August 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro
June-August 2016: 18 June 2016: 49 days before the opening of the Olympics, the governor of Rio de Janeiro has declared a state of financial emergency and begged for federal support to avoid a 'total collapse in public security, health, education, transport and environmental management' - 21 June 2016: Rio's financial crisis reveals the moral bankruptcy of the Olympics - 25 July 2016: Olympic officials admit more than half of Athletes Village unfinished as Australian team is refusing to use the Athletes Village until leaks and other problems are resolved - 28 July 2016: Olympic organisers have put deadlines ahead of lives, resulting in the deaths of eleven construction workers, according to Rio de Janeiro’s chief inspector of labour conditions Raul Vital Brasil - 1 August 2016: Olympic sailing ramp in Rio de Janeiro collapses - 4 August: As Olympic flame arrives, local students and teachers reportedly take part in a demonstration, protesting against the heavy expenses Brazil had incurred while organizing the Summer Olympics - 4 August 2016: Wada-commissioned lawyer Richard McLaren accuses IOC of misrepresenting his doping report and findings, which were never designed to prove individual doping cases, but is about state-sponsored systemic doping over a period of four years across the majority of Olympic sports, manipulation of results, swapping of samples, preparation of wash-up schemes
Since 5 August 2016: 5/6 August 2016: After a turbulent seven-year build-up dogged by recession, double-digit unemployment, drugs scandals, crime, a public health crisis caused by the Zika virus and infrastructure stumbles, a glittering Rio Olympics opening ceremony party also includes the applause of dozens of more or less cynical or criminal persons in power of a planet in crisis and war, hosted near the Providência favela, which is home of one of the most powerful drug cartels in Rio, for boxers hit by corruption allegations, for Russians involved in the biggest-ever doping scandal, and amid Assad regime's, Russian and Iranian war crimes against the Syrian people, now in the 6th year - Syrian Assad regime at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics - Russian Putin regime at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics - Iranian regime at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics - Refugee Olympic Team serving as a fig leaf at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics consisting of 10 competitors including 2 Syrian - 6 August 2016: In the wake of the publication of Professor Richard McLaren’s report that revealed jaw-dropping details of systemic doping in Russia, the IPC provisionally suspended Russia from the Paralympics - 10 août 2016: Le Comité organisateur des JO a reçu une décision judiciaire d'un juge fédéral 'qui interdit au comité organisateur de contrôler les manifestations à caractère politique sur les sites olympiques' - 18 August 2016: The President of European Olympic Committees and Olympic Committee of Ireland Patrick Hickey arrested for illegal tickets sale in Rio de Janeiro, at least six more persons could be involved in the plot
September 2016 Summer Paralympics: September 2016 Summer Paralympics
Newspapers in Brazil: List of newspapers in Brazil
Brazilian journalism: Brazilian journalism
Killed journalists in Brazil: Killed journalists in Brazil
Internet in Brazil: Internet in Brazil
Crime in Brazil: Crime in Brazil
Organized crime in Brazil: Organized crime in Brazil
Since 16th century Portuguese colonization and enslavement of Indigenous peoples: Portuguese colonization and enslavement of Indigenous peoples since 16th century
20th and 21th century antisemitism in Brazil: 20th century antisemitism in Brazil
1964-1985 Brazilian military government and aftermath: Brazilian military government 1964-1985 - Since 1964 'Departamento de Operações de Informações', the Brazilian intelligence and repression agency during the military government, starting in March 1964 with the removal of the civilian government by military forces, responsible for suppressing internal dissent against the regime and acting as a political police, using torture and other counter-insurgency methods - 13 December 1968 'Institucional Número Cinco' (Institutional Act Number Five), the fifth of seventeen major decrees issued by the military dictatorship following the 1964 coup d'état in Brazil, resulting in the forfeiture of mandates, in ordered interventions in municipalities and states and also in the suspension of any constitutional guarantees which eventually resulted in the institutionalization of the torture commonly used as a tool by the state
Forced disappearances in Brazil: Forced disappearances in Brazil
Killed environmentalists and human rights activists in Brazil:
Since 1988 list of massacres in Brazil: List of massacres in Brazil since 1988
1992/2013: Carandiru massacre 2 october 1992 - 21 April 2013: Twenty-three Brazilian police officers were sentenced to 156 years in jail each for their role in the killing of 111 inmates during Brazil's deadliest prison uprising in 1992
January 2013 Kiss nightclub fire - 28 January 2013: A fast-moving fire in a windowless nightclub in Santa Maria, filling the air in seconds with flames and a toxic smoke, killed more than 230 panicked partygoers
Police brutality in Brazil: Police brutality in Brazil
Corruption in Brazil: Corruption in Brazil
Since 2004 Mensalão scandal: Since 2004 Mensalão scandal
2012: 2 February 2012: Brazilian minister Negromonte resigns over 'corruption' - 25. Juli 2012: Unter den Angeklagten im Prozess zum Mensalão-Skandal frühere Parteifunktionäre, Abgeordnete, Unternehmer sowie der Kabinettschef des damaligen Präsidenten Lula da Silva - 3 August: Brazil's highest-profile corruption scandal trial has begun with dozens of former officials facing vote-buying charges - 30. August 2012: Erste Schuldsprüche im Prozess zum Mensalão-Skandal u.a. gegen João Paulo Cunha - 2. Oktober 2012: Weitere zwölf Politiker aus der Regierungszeit des früheren Präsidenten Lula da Silva der Bestechlichkeit schuldig gesprochen - 4 October: Brazil Mensalao trial - Lula aide 'led corruption scheme' - 10 October: Three aides of former president Lula convicted of fraud in relation to a vote-buying scheme in Congress - 25 November: President Dilma Rousseff has dismissed a number of senior officials accused of involvement in the latest corruption scandal to hit the government - 4 December: Dozens of Rio policemen held over drug lords' bribes
2015: 7 March 2015: Politicians face investigation in Brazil's biggest ever corruption scandal after court approved inquiry over kickbacks from the state-owned oil company Petrobras - 28 March: Dozens of Brazilian firms, including industrial companies and banks, are under investigation amid allegations they paid US$5.9 bln in bribes to tax officials, police says - 16 April: Brazil Workers' Party treasurer arrested in Petrobras corruption investigation - 6 August 2015: Two former executives of Brazilian construction giant OAS Pinheiro and Medeiros sentenced to 16 years in jail for corruption, money laundering and conspiracy to commit crimes - 18 August 2015: Nestor Cervero, former international chief of state-run oil firm Petrobras, sentenced to just over 12 years in prison for corruption and money laundering related to a bribe allegedly paid to the speaker of Brazil’s lower house of congress - 26 November 2015: As part of Petrobras corruption scandal and investigation, Brazilian police arrest the ruling party’s leader in the senate Amaral, who runs the senate’s economic affairs committee, and the head of Latin America’s biggest independent investment bank Esteves
2016: 4 March 2016: Brazilian police detain former president Lula in Petrobas corruption inquiry - 4 April 2016: Politicians from seven parties in Brazil were named as clients of Panama-based Mossack Fonseca law firm at the center of 'Panama Papers' massive data leak over possible tax evasion and white-collar crimes, but no politicians from Rousseff's Workers' Party were mentioned in the leaks, although it included at least 57 people or companies that had already been under investigation in Brazil for alleged involvement in the far-reaching graft scheme at state-run oil firm Petrobas - 26 août 2016: L'ancien président Lula, qui trempe dans des affaires de corruption et de blanchiment d'argent, a été officiellement inculpé - 21 September 2016: Brazil's ex-president Lula to stand trial for corruption in bribery scandal
2017: 30 janvier 2017: L'ex-homme le plus riche du Brésil Eike Batista, considéré comme fugitif, recherché dans le cadre du scandale de corruption Petrobras, affirme qu'il va se livrer à la justice - 11 February 2017: Brazil’s corruption scandal spreads across South America, as the workings of a secret 'bribery department' at the Brazilian construction conglomerate Odebrecht that suborned government officials around the world for years are being exposed by investigators - 17 février 2017: Les procureurs généraux de 11 pays se sont engagés jeudi à créer des équipes de travail communes pour coordonner leurs enquêtes sur le scandale de corruption d'Odebrecht, le groupe de BTP brésilien - 12 avril 2017: La Cour suprême du Brésil a donné son feu vert aux enquêtes pour corruption visant entre autres neuf ministres du gouvernement Temer - 23 May 2017: Tadeu Filippelli, a former vice-governor of the capital, cabinet adviser and close aide of president Temer in World Cup scheme, was among three senior politicians detained in Brazil’s latest corruption scandal - 21 June 2017: Brazil’s federal police has said that investigators have found evidence the president Temer received bribes to help businesses - 12 July 2017: Brazil's ex-president Lula sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison after being found guilty on corruption and money-laundering charges, linked to oil giant Petrobras scandal
Man-made disasters in Brazil: Man-made disasters in Brazil - Disasters in Brazil
January 2012 collapse of Rio de Janeiro buildings: 25 January 2012 collapse of Rio de Janeiro buildings
November 2015 Bento Rodrigues dam disaster: 5 November 2015 Bento Rodrigues dam disaster
Illegal mining and environmental impact of mining in Brazil: Environmental impact of mining in Brazil
Arson in Brazil and fires in the rainforest: Arson in Brazil
Sport and corruption in Brazil:
2014 World Cup in Brazil and international FIFA corruption crisis: 2014 World Cup in Brazil and international FIFA corruption crisis -
Drugs and illegal drug trade in Brazil: Drugs in Brazil - Illegal drug trade in Brazil
Human trafficking in Brazil: Human trafficking in Brazil
International child abduction in Brazil: International child abduction in Brazil
Domestic violence in Brazil: Domestic violence in Brazil
Violence against women in Brazil: Violence against women in Brazil
Judiciary of Brazil: Judiciary of Brazil
Courts system in Brazil: Courts system in Brazil
Prisons in Brazil: Prisons in Brazil
Treaties of Brazil: Treaties of Brazil
Brazilian participation in international organizations: Brazilian participation in international organizations
Brazil/United Nations relations: Brazil and the United Nations
Since 1986 South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone: South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone since 1986
Bilateral relations of Brazil: Bilateral relations of Brazil
Brazil/Argentina relations: Brazil/Argentina relations
Brazil/Australia relations: Brazil/Australia relations
Brazil/Chile relations: Brazil/Chile relations
Brazil/China relations: Brazil/China relations
Brazil/Ecuador relations: Brazil/Ecuador relations
Brazil/Equatorial Guinea relations: Relações entre Brasil e Guiné Equatorial
Brazil/European Union relations: Brazil/European Union relations
Brazil/France relations: Brazil/France relations
Brazil-France economic relations: France-Brazil economic relations
Brazil/Germany relations: Brazil/Germany relations
Brazil/Israel relations: Brazil/Israel relations
Since 16th century history of the Jews in Brazil: Since 16th century history of the Jews in Brazil
1939-1945 Brazilian support for the Jewish people: 1939-1945 Brazilian support for the Jewish people during World War II
1978 Israeli extradition request for war criminal Wagner rejected: Late 1930s—1945 Austrian member of the SS Gustav Franz Wagner, a starter deputy commander of the Sobibór extermination camp in German-occupied Poland, where more than 200,000 Jews were gassed during Operation Reinhard, known as 'The Beast' due to his brutality, sentenced to death in absentia after the war, but escaped with Franz Stangl to Brazil where he lived undisturbed until he was exposed by Simon Wiesenthal and arrested on 30 May 1978, but extradition requests from Israel, Austria, and Poland were rejected by Brazil's Attorney General Henrique Fonseca de Araújo, father of the current Brazilian chancellor Ernesto Araújo who was appointed by President Jair Bolsonaro in January 2019, the BBC interviewed Wagner in 1979
October 2013 Israel to join Brazilian Jews’ aid program in Africa: 26 October 2013: Israel to join Brazilian Jews’ aid program in Africa
Brazil-Israel economic relations: Brazil-Israel economic relations
Brazil/Lebanon relations: Brazil/Lebanon relations
Brazil/Mozambique relations: Brazil/Mozambique relations
Trade and investment relations: Mozambique/Brazil trade and investment relations
Brazil/Paraguay relations: Brazil/Paraguay relations
Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin: Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin
Brazil/Poland relations: Brazil/Poland relations
1978 Poland's extradition request for war criminal Wagner rejected: Late 1930s—1945 Austrian member of the SS Gustav Franz Wagner, a starter deputy commander of the Sobibór extermination camp in German-occupied Poland, where more than 200,000 Jews were gassed during Operation Reinhard, known as 'The Beast' due to his brutality, sentenced to death in absentia after the war, but escaped with Franz Stangl to Brazil where he lived undisturbed until he was exposed by Simon Wiesenthal and arrested on 30 May 1978, but extradition requests from Israel, Austria, and Poland were rejected by Brazil's Attorney General Henrique Fonseca de Araújo, father of the current Brazilian chancellor Ernesto Araújo who was appointed by President Jair Bolsonaro in January 2019, the BBC interviewed Wagner in 1979
1815-1825 'United Kingdom' of Portugal and Brazil: 1815-1825 United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves
Brazil/South Africa relations: Brazil/South Africa relations
Brazil/Spain relations: Brazil/Spain relations
Brazil/Switzerland relations: Brazil/Switzerland relations
2014 World Cup in Brazil and international FIFA corruption crisis: 2014 World Cup in Brazil and international FIFA corruption crisis -
Brazil/Turkey relations: Brazil/Turkey relations
Brazil/United Kingdom relations: Brazil/United Kingdom relations
Brazil/USA relations: Brazil/USA relations
2013: 10 April 2013: Brazil's Dilma Rousseff tells Barack Obama of currency worries - 11 July 2013: Angry Latin America wants answers on allegations of US spying - 16 July: Brazil calls USA explanation of its alleged spying 'insufficient' - 7 August: Brazil-based Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald said that he had received more than 15,000 secret USA government documents from intelligence leaker Edward Snowden - 2 September: Brazil summons USA ambassador over spying allegations - 3 September: The Brazilian government condemned USA spy program that reportedly targeted the nation's leader, labeled it an unacceptable invasion of sovereignty - 6 September: President Obama has promised his Brazilian and Mexican counterparts that the US would cooperate with their governments to address concerns over alleged USA spying - 17/18 September 2013: Brazilian president postpones Washington visit over NSA spying - 24 September: Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff speaking at the UN general assembly accused the NSA of violating international law by its indiscriminate collection of personal information of Brazilian citizens and economic espionage - 7 November: Brazil and Germany call for UN action on spying amid a backlash against USA spying on its allies - 13 novembre: L’offensive anti-NSA du Brésil - 18 December: Brazil reportedly will not grant Edward Snowden asylum
November 2015 Bento Rodrigues dam disaster: 5 November 2015 Bento Rodrigues dam disaster, when an iron ore tailings dam in Bento Rodrigues, a property of joint-venture Samarco between Vale S.A. and BHP Billiton, suffered a catastrophic failure, causing flooding and several deaths - 4 novembre 2017: 2 ans après la tragédie minière, rien n'a changé - 1 March 2018: Six months before the dam containing millions of litres of mining waste collapsed, killing 19 people in Brazil’s worst environmental disaster, the joint venture between the Brazilian Vale and the Anglo-Australian BHP Billiton operating the mine accurately predicted the potential impact of such a disaster in a worst-case risk assessment, but failed to take actions that they say could have prevented the disaster, as prosecutors say the company focused on cutting costs and increasing production
August 2019 fires in the Amazon: 21 August 2019: Trying to deflect growing international criticism of his failure to protect the world’s biggest rainforest, following a surge of fires in several Amazonian states this month amid reports that farmers were feeling emboldened to clear land for crop fields and cattle ranches because the new Brazilian government was keen to open up the region to economic activity, president Bolsonaro has accused environmental groups of setting fires in the Amazon providing no evidence - 22 August 2019: Large swathes of the Amazon rainforest are burning - 23 August 2019: International pressure may be the only way to stop the Brazilian government from taking a 'suicide' path in the Amazon, one of the country’s most respected scientists has said, as the world’s biggest rainforest continues to be ravaged by thousands of deliberate fires - 23 août 2019: Cri d'alarme des scientifiques, de pompiers ou encore de Brésiliens qui subissent terrifiés l'avancée du feu en Amazonie, en disant 'des animaux brûlent vifs dans la jungle' - 25 août 2019: Les incendies se multiplient en Amazonie
Natural disasters in Brazil: Natural disasters in Brazil
Cyclones and storms in Brazil: March 2004 Cyclone Catarina
Floods and landslides in Brazil: Floods in Brazil - Landslides in Brazil
Droughts in Brazil:
Wildfires and man-made disasters in Brazil: Man-made disasters in Brazil

Canada - Settlement of the Americas - Aboriginal peoples in Canada - Former colonies and territories in Canada - History of Canada
Uranium mining in Canada: Uranium mining in Canada
Energy and energy policy of Canada: Energy and energy policy of Canada
Nuclear industry in Canada: Nuclear industry in Canada
Since 2013 Trans Mountain Pipeline System Expansion Project: Since 2013 Trans Mountain Pipeline System Expansion Project
Renewable energy in Canada: Renewable energy in Canada
Forestry in Canada: Forestry in Canada - Forests of Canada
Fishing and fishing industry in Canada: Fishing and fishing industry in Canada
Aquaculture in Canada: Aquaculture in Canada
Water in Canada: Water in Canada
Transport in Canada: Transportation in Canada
Banking in Canada: Banking in Canada
Labour in Canada: Labour in Canada - Labour relations in Canada - Trade unions in Canada - Timeline of labour issues and events in Canada
Minimum wage in Canada: Minimum wage in Canada
Poverty in Canada: Poverty in Canada - Homelessness in Canada - Out of the Cold
Unemployment in Canada: Unemployment in Canada
2 May 2011 Canadian federal election: Canadian federal election 2 May 2011
Social movements and protests in Canada: Protests in Canada
January/February 2017: 21 January 2017 Women's March in cities around the world, including Balfour, Bowen Island, Calgary, Castlegar, Charlottetown, Courtenay, Edmonton, Fredericton, Gabriola Island, Grand Forks, Halifax, Hamilton, Kamloops, Kelowna, Kimberly, Kingston, Kootenay Bay, Lethbridge, London, Montréal, Nanaimo, North West River, Orangedale, Ottawa, Prince George, Revelstoke, Roberts Creek, St. Catharines, Saint John, Salmon Arm, Salt Spring Island, Saskatoon, St. John's, Sutton, Sydney, Tofino, Toronto, Victoria, Winnipeg, and Yellowknife, to promote women's rights and to address racial inequities, workers' issues, and environmental issues - 31 January 2017: Canadians across the country hold vigils for Quebec mosque shooting victims - 3 February 2017: Hundreds across Canada, many of them belonging to local synagogues, churches and temples, gathered around mosques to form protective barriers, described as 'human shields' and 'rings of peace', as Muslims in the country marked their first Friday prayers since a gunman shot dead six men who were praying at a Quebec mosque
Canadian society, demographics, culture and human rights: Canadian society - Canadian society by province or territory - Social history of Canada
June 2014 Ontario general election: 12 June 2014 Ontario general election
June 2018 Ontario general election: 7 June 2018 Ontario general election
October 2018 Ontario municipal elections: 22 October 2018 Ontario municipal elections
Since 1610 timeline of Toronto: Timeline of Toronto history since 1610
October 2018 Toronto municipal and mayoral election: 22 October 2018 Toronto municipal election - 22 October 2018 Toronto mayoral election
Crime in Toronto: Crime in Toronto
April 2014 Quebec general election: 7 April 2014 Quebec general election
October 2018 Quebec general election: 1 October 2018 Quebec general election
Demographics, ethnic origins of people and immigration to Canada: Demographics of Canada - History of immigration to Canada - Immigration to Canada
History of Black people in Canada: History of Black people in Canada
List of endangered languages in Canada: List of endangered languages in Canada
Indigenous child displacement in Canada: Indigenous child displacement in Canada
Violence against Indigenous women in Canada: Violence against Indigenous women in Canada
Natural scientific research in Canada: Natural scientific research in Canada
Medical outbreaks and health disasters in Canada: Medical outbreaks in Canada - Health disasters in Canada
2002–2004 SARS outbreak among healthcare workers: 2002–2004 SARS outbreak among healthcare workers in Canada
2008 Canada listeriosis outbreak: 2008 Canada listeriosis outbreak
2009 flu pandemic in Canada: 2009 flu pandemic in Canada
Since January 2020 covid-19 pandemic in Canada: Since January 2020 covid-19 pandemic in Canada
Since January 2020 covid-19 pandemic in Ontario: Since January 2020 covid-19 pandemic in Ontario
Health, healthccare and hospitals in Quebec: List of hospitals in Quebec City
Since February 2020 covid-19 pandemic in Quebec: Since February 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Quebec
Medical and health organizations based in Canada: Medical and health organizations based in Canada
Internet in Canada: Internet in Canada
Freedom of speech in Canada: Freedom of speech in Canada - Censorship in Canada
Crime in Canada: Crime in Canada
Racism in Canada: Racism in Canada
Anti-Indigenous racism in Canada: Anti-Indigenous racism in Canada
Slavery of Aboriginals in Canada and Black Canadians: Slavery of Aboriginals in Canada and Black Canadians
Violence against Indigenous people in Canada: Violence against Indigenous people in Canada
Violence against Indigenous women in Canada: Violence against Indigenous women in Canada
Indigenous child displacement in Canada: Indigenous child displacement in Canada
Anti-black racism in Canada: Anti-black racism in Canada
Anti-Asian sentiment in Canada: Anti-Asian sentiment in Canada
2017 Quebec City mosque shooting: January 2017 Quebec City mosque shooting
Murder in Canada: Murder in Canada
January 2017 Quebec City mosque shooting: 29 January 2017 Quebec City mosque shooting - 30 January 2017: Canadian PM Trudeau condemns Quebec City shooting that saw gunmen open fire at a mosque, killing at least six people, saying that 'we condemn this terrorist attack on Muslims in a center of worship and refuge' - 31 January 2017: Amid pressure from the Canadian PM Trudeau, Fox News has apologized for a tweet that inaccurately identified the French Canadian suspect in Sunday night's Quebec mosque terror attack as a man of Moroccan origin - 31 January 2017: Quebec City mosque attack suspect known in the city’s activist circles as an online troll who was inspired by extreme right-wing French nationalists, stood up for USA President Donald Trump and was against immigration to Quebec, especially by Muslims
Corruption in Canada: Corruption in Canada
Human trafficking in Canada: Human trafficking in Canada
Catholic sexual abuse cases in Canada: Catholic sexual abuse cases in Canada
2018 decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada: 2018 decisions (reasons) of the Supreme Court of Canada
Law enforcement in Canada: Law enforcement in Canada
Law enforcement agencies in Canada: List of law enforcement agencies in Canada
Treaties of Canada: Treaties of Canada
Bilateral relations of Canada: Bilateral relations of Canada
Canada/Afghanistan relations: Canada/Afghanistan relations
Canada/P.R. of China relations: Canada/P.R. of China relations
Canada/El Salvador relations: Canada/El Salvador relations
Canada/Eritrea relations: Canada/Eritrea relations
Canada/European Union relations: Canada/European Union relations
Canada/France relations: Canada/France relations
Canada/Germany relations: Canada/Germany relations
Canada/Greece relations: Canada/Greece relations
Canada/Honduras relations: Canada/Honduras relations
Canada/Iran relations: Canada/Iran relations
Canada/Israel relations: Canada/Israel relations
Canadian mining in Latin America and the Caribbean: Canadian mining in Latin America and the Caribbean
Canada/Mali relations: Canada/Mali relations
Canada/Mexico relations: Canada/Mexico relations
Canada/Pakistan relations: Canada/Pakistan relations
Canada/Philippines relations: Canada/Philippines relations
Canada/Romania relations: Canada/Romania relations
Canada/Romania trade relations: Canada/Romania trade relations
Canada/Russia relations: Canada/Russia relations - Uranium One
2014/2015: 17 September 2014: Canada announces more sanctions against Russia for military aggression in Ukraine - 10 February 2015: After meeting with Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel Canada's PM Stephen Harper says Russia's Putin should halt fighting in Ukraine by Russian-backed militants and that he won’t rule out sending lethal weapons for Ukraine - 18 February 2015: Canada hits Russian regime with more sanctions over Ukraine - 12 May 2015: Canada calls on Russia to leave occupied territory of Ukraine - 13 May 2015: Canadian FM Rob Nicholson says Russian regime has proved it cannot be trusted - 4 June 2015: Canada's PM Stephen Harper says Russia can't rejoin G-7 with Putin in power - 17 November 2015: Canadian PM Trudeau slams Russian regime for invading Ukraine, saying 'that Russia's interference in Ukraine must cease'
Canada/Saudi-Arabia relations: Canada/Saudi-Arabia relations
Canada/Switzerland relations: Canada/Switzerland relations
Canada/Syria relations: Canada/Syria relations
Canada/Tanzania relations: Canada/Tanzania relations
Canada/Ukraine relations: Canada/Ukraine relations
Canada/United Kingdom relations: Canada/United Kingdom relations
Canada/Vatican relations: Canada/Vatican relations
Environmental issues in Canada: Environmental issues in Canada - Pollution in Canada - Air pollution in Canada - Canada and the Kyoto Protocol - Great Bear Rainforest
Forests and wildlife of Canada: Forests of Canada - Wildlife of Canada
Waste and waste management in Canada: Waste in Canada - Waste management in Canada
Disasters in Canada: Disasters in Canada
Natural disasters in Canada: Natural disasters in Canada
Heat waves in Canada: Heat waves in Canada
Wildfires in Canada: Wildfires in Canada
Hurricanes in Canada: Hurricanes in Canada -
October 2016 Typhoon Songda: October 2016 Typhoon Songda
September 2019 hurricane Dorian: September 2019 hurricane Dorian
Floods in Canada: Floods in Canada
Blizzards and cold waves in Canada: Blizzards in Canada
January 2014 North American polar vortex: January 2014 North American polar vortex

Chile - Geography of Chile - Geology of Chile - Indigenous peoples in Chile - European conquest and colonization 1540–1810 - History of Chile - Demographics of Chile
2013: 27 July 2013: Human rights lawyer Eduardo Contreras wants charges brought against the father of the centre-right presidential candidate Evelyn Matthei for the murder of the father of centre-left candidate Michelle Bachelet, whose father General Bachelet was tortured to death in 1974 in a military facility directed by the father of candidate Evelyn Matthei General Matthei - 5 September 2013: Chile's judges made an unprecedented apology to victims of state abuse during the regime of dictator Pinochet - 9 septembre: Manifestations pour l'anniversaire du coup d'État de 1973 - 10 septembre 2013: Quarante ans après le coup d'État qui a renversé et tué Salvador Allende, le Chili reste divisé sur la dictature de Pinochet en raison de l’impunité - 23 December 2013: A judge has found eight former members of the military guilty of murdering political opponents during the rule of Pinochet
2015: 4 March 2015: Chile’s top prosecutor has filed tax fraud, money laundering and bribery charges against senior former officials and financiers of a political party created to perpetuate the economic legacy of dictator Augusto Pinochet - 23 July 2015: A Chilean judge has ordered the arrest of seven army officers for questioning over an attack on two democracy activists who were doused with petrol by soldiers and set on fire in 1986 - 14 August 2015: Former Pinochet general Rurange has died in an apparent suicide days after a court sentenced him to 20 years for planning the murder of Eugenio Berrios to obstruct investigations, whose body was found in 1995 - 2 November 2015: For nearly three decades after Veronica de Negri's 19-year-old son Rodrigo Rojas was burned to death by Chilean soldiers during the Pinochet dictatorship, her hunt for justice had been fruitless but in 2015, since Supreme Court' decisions and among hundreds of cases sent to prosecutors, seven former military officers charged for burning de Negri's son alive while he was photographing a political protest in 1986 - 12 December 2015: Former conscript in the Chilean army Reyes charged with murder after confessing on a live radio phone-in to participating in the deaths of 18 opponents of the late military dictator Augusto Pinochet
Foreign trade of Chile: Foreign trade of Chile
Economic history of Chile since 1914 and economic cycles: Economic history of Chile since 1914 - History of mining in Chile
1968-1969 Great Drought in Chile: Great Drought of 1968–69 in Chile
Military of Chile: Military of Chile
Military history of Chile: Military history of Chile
Trade unions in Chile: Trade unions in Chile
October 2019 state of emergency: 19 October 2019: A state of emergency, that grants the government additional powers to restrict citizens’ freedom of movement and their right to assembly, has been declared in the Chilean capital after simmering protests against a rise in metro fares spilled out into violence fuelled by rising cost-of-living pressures - 20 October 2019: Chilean president Piñera announced that he would reverse public transport fare hikes which had caused widespread protests in the country, saying in a national broadcast that he had listened 'with humility' to 'the voice of my compatriots' and to discontent over the cost of living in one of Latin America’s wealthiest yet most unequal nations, also announcing a working group to address their concerns - 22 octobre 2019: Face à la détermination des manifestants réprimés dans le sang, le président chilien veut dialoguer avec les partis politiques pour tenter de trouver une issue à la violente crise sociale
24 October 2019 UN to investigate human rights abuses: 24 October 2019: UN to investigate claims of human rights abuses after 18 deaths
2020 Chilean constitutional referendum: 26 April and October 2020 Chilean constitutional referendum
Social movements and protests in Chile: Protests in Chile - Student protests in Chile since 2006
2011: 2011 Magallanes protests - 2011-2012 student protests in Chile - 30. Juli 2011: In Chile drängen Streiks und Proteste die Regierung Pinera in die Defensive - 4 August: In Santiago new protests of students calling for reforms - police use tear gas, water and detain 235 students - 10 August: Chile police clash with protesters during student march - 24 August: Violent start of two-day nationwide strike demanding reforms - constitution, labour law, education, tax and pension system - 26 August 2011: Tens of thousands rally on the second day of the general strike - a teenage boy shot on Thursday night - 30 August: 5 police officers dismissed after police admitted that the teenage boy was killed by a police weapon on 25 August - NZZ 31. August: Mehrzahl der Bergarbeiter von Copiapó - die Helden von Chile und damaligen Medienstars - hält sich ein Jahr nach Rettung mit Gelegenheitsjobs über Wasser - 11 September 2011: Chile remembers its 9/11 - thousands march to remember more than 3000 people killed during Pinochet dictatorship - 18 October: Ongoing education protests turn violent
15/16 February 2020 protests amid constitutional debate: 16 février 2020: Manifestations autour de la nouvelle Constitution
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Chile: Chilean society - Human rights in Chile
Demographics and ethnic groups in Chile: Demographics of Chile - Ethnic groups in Chile
Indigenous peoples in Chile: Indigenous peoples in Chile - Languages of Chile
Culture and languages of Chile: Culture of Chile- Languages of Chile
Schools in Chile: Schools in Chile
Universities in Chile: Universities in Chile
Science, technology and astronomy in Chile: Science and technology in Chile - Astronomy in Chile
Libraries and museums in Chile: Libraries in Chile - Museums in Chile
Healthcare in Chile: Healthcare in Chile
Censorship in Chile: Censorship in Chile
Newspapers in Chile: List of newspapers in Chile
Broadcasting in Chile: Broadcasting in Chile
Internet in Chile: Internet in Chile
Crime in Chile: Crime in Chile
List of Chilean coups d'état: List of Chilean coups d'état
Corruption in Chile: Corruption in Chile
Domestic violence in Chile: Domestic violence in Chile
Judiciary of Chile: Judiciary of Chile
Law enforcement agencies of Chile: Law enforcement agencies of Chile
Foreign relations of Chile: Foreign relations of Chile
Chile/Australia relations: Chile/Australia relations
Chile/Bolivia relations: Chile/Bolivia relations
Chile/Brazil relations: Chile/Brazil relations
Chile/Germany relations: Chile/Germany relations
Chile/New Zealand relations: Chile/New Zealand relations
New Zealand people of Chilean descent: New Zealand people of Chilean descent
Chile/USA relations: Chile/USA relations
Chile/Vatican relations: Chile/Vatican relations
Environmental issues in Chile: Environmental issues in Chile
Natural disasters in Chile: Natural disasters in Chile
2010: 2010 Chile earthquake - April 2014 Iquique earthquake - 2 April 2014: At least 5 people dead as magnitude-8.2 earthquake hits northern Chile, setting off a small tsunami that forced evacuations along the country's Pacific coast - 3 April: 7.8-magnitude aftershock shakes Chile's north coast, new evacuations
Tsunamis in Chile: Tsunamis in Chile
Landslides in Chile: Landslides in Chile
Floods in Chile:
Drought in Chile: Drought in Chile
Wildfires in Chile: Wildfires in Chile

Colombia - Geography of Colombia - Indigenous peoples in Colombia - Spanish conquest of the Chibchan Nations - Immigration to Colombia - History of Colombia - Demographics of Colombia
Mining and energy in Colombia: Mining and energy in Colombia
Mineral industry of Colombia: Mineral industry of Colombia
Energy in Colombia: Energy in Colombia
Fossil fuels in Colombia: Fossil fuels in Colombia
Oil fields of Colombia: Oil fields of Colombia
Renewable energy in Colombia: Renewable energy in Colombia
Hydroelectric power in Colombia: Hydroelectric power in Colombia
Foreign investment in Colombia: Foreign investment in Colombia
Coffee production in Colombia: Coffee production in Colombia
Coca production in Colombia: Coca production in Colombia
Transport in Colombia: Transport in Colombia
Rail transport in Colombia: Rail transport in Colombia
Water transport in Colombia: Water transport in Colombia
Ports and harbours of Colombia: Ports and harbours of Colombia
Foreign trade of Colombia: Foreign trade of Colombia
Economic history of Colombia and economic cycles: Economic history of Colombia
1999-present economic history of Colombia: 1999-present economic history of Colombia
Poverty and social class in Colombia: Poverty in Colombia - Social class in Colombia
Taxation in Colombia: Taxation in Colombia
Political parties and trade unions in Colombia: List of political parties in Colombia - Trade unions in Colombia
October 2015 Colombian regional and municipal elections: 25 October 2015 Colombian regional and municipal elections
Protests in Colombia: Protests in Colombia
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Colombia: Colombian society - Social class in Colombia
Human rights in Colombia: Human rights in Colombia
List of cities in Colombia: List of cities in Colombia
Bogotá in the 21st century: Bogotá in the 21st century
Timeline of Medellin: History and timeline of Medellin
Timeline of Cali: Timeline of Cali
Demographics and ethnic groups in Colombia: Demographics of Colombia - Ethnic groups in Colombia
Colombian culture and languages of Colombia: Colombian culture - Languages of Colombia
Women's rights in Colombia: Women's rights in Colombia
Children's rights in Colombia: Children's rights in Colombia
Education in Colombia: Education in Colombia
Colleges and universities in Colombia: Universities and colleges in Colombia
Health in Colombia: Health in Colombia
Medical outbreaks and distasters in Colombia: Medical outbreaks in Colombia - Disasters in Colombia
Since March 2020 Chinese coronavirus pandemic in Colombia: Since March 2020 Chinese coronavirus pandemic in Colombia
Healthcare in Colombia: Healthcare in Colombia
List of hospitals in Colombia: List of hospitals in Colombia by region
Newspapers in Colombia: List of newspapers in Colombia
Internet in Colombia: Internet in Colombia
Crime in Colombia: Crime in Colombia
Illegal drug trade in Colombia and Coca production in Colombia: Illegal drug trade in Colombia - Coca production in Colombia
Drug barons of Colombia: Drug barons of Colombia
Kidnappings in Colombia: Kidnappings in Colombia
Terrorism in Colombia, drug trade, paramilitary groups and guerrilla: Terrorism in Colombia
Drug cartels in Colombia, paramilitary groups', illegal drug trade and terrorism: Drug cartels in Colombia - Right-wing paramilitary groups in Colombia are armed groups acting in opposition to FARC and their allies among the civilian population, these paramilitary groups control the large majority of the illegal drug trade of cocaine and other substances and are the parties responsible for most of the human rights violations in the latter half of the ongoing Colombian Armed Conflict, according to several international human rights and governmental organizations, right-wing paramilitary groups have been responsible for at least 70 to 80% of political murders in Colombia per year, with the remainder committed by leftist guerrillas and government forces - Since 1993 'La Oficina de Envigado', a drug cartel and criminal organization - Since 2001 'Los Urabeños', a Colombian, drug trafficking neo-paramilitary group involved in the Colombian armed conflict and considered the most powerful neo-paramilitary group in Colombia - Since 2004 'Los Rastrojos', a Colombian drug trafficking paramilitary organization engaged in the Colombian armed conflict - Since 2006 'Águilas Negras', a series of Colombian drug trafficking, right wing, counter-revolutionary, paramilitary organizations made up of new and preexisting paramilitary forces, who emerged from the failures of the demobilization process between 2004 and 2006
Colombian armed conflict 1964-present: Colombian armed conflict 1964-present
1996-2014 List of attacks attributed to FARC: 1996-2014 List of attacks attributed to FARC
2011: 1. November 2011: Kolumbiens Geheimdienst DAS von Staatspräsident Santos per Dekret aufgelöst - 5 November 2011: Columbian forces kill Farc leader during mountain assault - 3 April 2012: Colombia's Farc has released 'their last 10 police and military hostages' - some of whom have spent 14 years in captivity - 27 April: Farc has killed eight people including an infant in two separate attacks - 30 avril 2012: Le journaliste français Roméo Langlois disparu en Colombie - les autorités lancent un appel aux Farc - 3 mai: Une unité régionale de la guérilla a revendiqué la capture de Roméo Langlois - 19 July 2012: Clashes in Colombia over military post row - 28 August: President Juan Manuel Santos seeking negotiations with Farc - 7 September: President Santos rejects Farc ceasefire call - 'We will not give anything until we get the final agreement', he says - 17/18 October: Colombia and Farc negotiators set off for Oslo peace talks - 21 October 2012: Five soldiers killed in first major attack by Farc rebels since peace talks were launched in Oslo
Foreign relations of Colombia: Foreign relations of Colombia
Colombia/Ecuador relations: Colombia/Ecuador relations
Colombia/France relations: Colombia/France relations
Colombia/Panama relations: Colombia/Panama relations
Colombia/Spain relations: Colombia/Spain relations
Colombia/USA relations: Colombia/USA relations
Colombia/Venezuela relations: Colombia/Venezuela relations
Ecoregions of Colombia: Ecoregions of Colombia
Mountain ranges of Colombia: Mountain ranges of Colombia
Environmental issues in Colombia: Environmental issues in Colombia
Deforestation in Colombia: Deforestation in Colombia
Illegal drug trade in Colombia: Illegal drug trade in Colombia
Natural hazards in Colombia: Natural hazards in Colombia
Earthquakes in Colombia: Earthquakes in Colombia
Hurricanes in Colombia: Hurricanes in Colombia
Landslides in Colombia: Landslides in Colombia

Costa Rica - Geography of Costa Rica - Indigenous peoples of Costa Rica - Spanish colonization 1502-1821 - History of Costa Rica - Demographics of Costa Rica
Forests and deforestation in Costa Rica: Forests of Costa Rica - Deforestation in Costa Rica
Ministry of Public Security's Public Force: Ministry of Public Security's Public Force
Costa Rican Civil War 1948 and Constitutional Assembly election 8 December 1948: Costa Rican Civil War 1948 - Costa Rican Constitutional Assembly election 8 December 1948
Politics and elections in Costa Rica: Elections in Costa Rica
June 2020 Costa Rica to halt reopening of economy as covid-19 cases rise: 20 June 2020: Costa Rica to halt reopening of economy as covid-19 cases rise
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Costa Rica: Costa Rican society - Demographics of Costa Rica - Human rights in Costa Rica
Indigenous peoples of Costa Rica and others: Indigenous peoples of Costa Rica
Education in Costa Rica: Education in Costa Rica
Health care in Costa Rica: Health care in Costa Rica
Crime in Costa Rica: Crime in Costa Rica
Human trafficking in Costa Rica: Human trafficking in Costa Rica
Immigration to Costa Rica: Immigration to Costa Rica
Costa Rica/Brazil relations: Costa Rica/Brazil relations
Costa Rica/Panama relations: Costa Rica/Panama relations - Sixaola River
Deforestation in Costa Rica: Deforestation in Costa Rica
Natural disasters in Costa Rica: Natural disasters in Costa Rica
Hurricanes and storms in Costa Rica: Hurricanes in Costa Rica - Tropical Storm Alma 2008

Cuba - Geography of Cuba - Chronology of Spanish colonial period of Cuba 1492-1898 - History of Cuba - Demographics of Cuba
Energy in Cuba: Energy in Cuba
Tobacco in Cuba: Tobacco in Cuba
Aviation in Cuba: Aviation in Cuba
Rail transport in Cuba: Rail transport in Cuba
Road transport in Cuba: Road transport in Cuba
Tourism in Cuba: Tourism in Cuba
Economic history and economic cycles in Cuba: History of Cuban economy since 1959 revolution
Since 1962 rationing in Cuba: Rationing in Cuba since 1962
Since 2011 economic reforms: Since 2011 economic reforms
Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces: Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces - Military history of Cuba
Taxation in Cuba: Taxation in Cuba
2015: 20 April 2015: For the first time since the 1959 revolution, two opposition candidates were permitted to stand for election in municipal elections in Havana
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Cuba: Cuban society
Provinces and municipalities of Cuba: 15 provinces of Cuba - 168 municipalities of Cuba
Cities in Cuba: List of cities in Cuba
Chinese Cuban since 1847: Chinese Cuban since 1847
Education in Cuba: Education in Cuba
Schools in Cuba: Schools in Cuba
Water supply and sanitation in Cuba: Water supply and sanitation in Cuba
Media of Cuba: Media of Cuba
Internet in Cuba: Internet in Cuba
Human rights in Cuba: Human rights in Cuba
Political parties, democracy movement and restrictions in Cuba: Cuban democracy movements - List of political parties in Cuba
Restrictions of assembly and political oppression in Cuba: 'Freedom of assembly' is severely restricted in Cuba - Political oppression in Cuba
Crime in Cuba: Crime in Cuba
Corruption in Cuba: Corruption in Cuba
Terrorism in Cuba: Terrorism in Cuba
Human trafficking in Cuba: Human trafficking in Cuba
Law and legal history of Cuba: Cuban law - Since 1901 Constitutions of Cuba - 1901 Constitution of Cuba was adopted by delegates to a Constitutional Convention, but the USA, then exercising military authority over Cuba following the end of Cuba's war for independence from Spain, withheld its approval until the Convention amended the Constitution to incorporate language from a USA statute, the Platt Amendment, that placed limitations on Cuban sovereignty and provided a legal basis for future USA military interventions in Cuba - 1940 Constitution of Cuba, implemented during the presidency of Federico Laredo Brú, was primarily influenced by the collectivist ideas that inspired the Cuban Revolution of 1933, widely considered one of the most progressive constitutions at the time, it provided for land reform, public education, a minimum wage and other social programs - 1952-1959 USA-backed Fulgencio Batista dictatorship in Cuba - 1976 Constitution of Cuba after 16 years of non-constitutional government from 1959 to 1975 following the 1953-1959 Cuban Revolution - Since 1959 Laws relating to land reform, implemented in a series of laws passed between 1959 and 1963 after the Cuban Revolution - 2002 Constitution of Cuba - Human rights in Cuba
Judicial system of Cuba: Judicial system of Cuba
People's Supreme Court of Cuba: People's Supreme Court of Cuba
Law enforcement in Cuba: Law enforcement in Cuba
Cuban intelligence agencies: Cuban intelligence agencies - 'Dirección General de Inteligencia', the main state intelligence agency of the government of Cuba
Foreign relations of Cuba: Foreign relations of Cuba
Treaties of Cuba: Treaties of Cuba
Bilateral relations of Cuba: Bilateral relations of Cuba
Cuba/PR of China relations: Cuba/PR of China relations - Chinese Cuban
Cuba/European Union relations: Cuba/European Union relations
Cuba/Haiti relations: Cuba/Haiti relations
1977 Cuba–Haiti Maritime Boundary Agreement: 1977 Cuba–Haiti Maritime Boundary Agreement
Cuba/Israel relations: Cuba/Israel relations
Since 1991 Cuba/Israel Post-Cold War relations: Since 1991 Cuba/Israel Post-Cold War relations
Cuba/Iran relations: Cuba/Iran relations
Cuba/North Korea relations: Cuba/North Korea relations
Cuba/Mexico relations: Cuba/Mexico relations
1959–1991 Cuba/Mexico Cold War relations: 1959–1991 Cuba/Mexico Cold War relations
Since 1991 Cuba/Mexico Post-Cold War relations: 1991–2013 Cuba/Mexico Post-Cold War relations
Cuba/Oceania relations: Cuba/Oceania relations
Cuba/Philippines relations: Cuba/Philippines relations
Cuba/Spain relations: Cuba/Spain relations
1895-1898 Cuban War of Independence: 1895-1898 Cuban War of Independence
Cuba/USA relations: Cuba/USA relations
1906-1909 USA second occupation of Cuba: USA second occupation of Cuba 1906–1909
1953-1959 Cuban Revolution: 1953-1959 Cuban Revolution
Since 1960 USA embargo against Cuba: Since 1960 USA embargo against Cuba
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis: 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
Since 1962 ongoing CIA activities in Cuba: CIA activities in the Caribbean and in Cuba
Cuba/Venezuela relations: Cuba/Venezuela relations
Natural distasters in Cuba: Natural disasters in Cuba
Earthquakes in Cuba: Earthquakes in Cuba

Dominican Republic - Geography of the Dominican Republic - Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean - Taíno people - Chiefdoms of Hispaniola - Captaincy General of Santo Domingo 1493-1821 - History of the Dominican Republic - Demographics of the Dominican Republic
Political parties in the Dominican Republic: Political parties in the Dominican Republic
Social movements, trade unions and protests in the Dominican Republic: Trade unions in the Dominican Republic
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in the Dominican Republic: Dominican Republic society - Human rights in the Dominican Republic
Provinces of the Dominican Republic: 31 provinces of the Dominican Republic
Economy of Santo Domingo: Economy of Santo Domingo
Since 1492 timeline of Santo Domingo: Timeline of Santo Domingo since 1492
Demographics of the Dominican Republic: Demographics of the Dominican Republic
Culture and languages of the Dominican Republic: Culture of the Dominican Republic - Languages of the Dominican Republic
Women in the Dominican Republic: Women in the Dominican Republic
Education in the Dominican Republic: Education in the Dominican Republic
Health in the Dominican Republic: Health in the Dominican Republic
Disease outbreaks in the Dominican Republic: Disease outbreaks in the Dominican Republic
Hospitals in the Dominican Republic: Hospitals in the Dominican Republic
Media in the Dominican Republic: Media in the Dominican Republic
Newspapers published in the Dominican Republic: Newspapers published in the Dominican Republic
Radio and television in the Dominican Republic: Radio in the Dominican Republic - Television in the Dominican Republic
Internet in the Dominican Republic: Internet in the Dominican Republic
Crime in the Dominican Republic: Crime in the Dominican Republic
Human trafficking in the Dominican Republic: Human trafficking in the Dominican Republic
Judiciary of the Dominican Republic: Judiciary of the Dominican Republic
Law enforcement in the Dominican Republic: Law enforcement in the Dominican Republic
Foreign relations of the Dominican Republic: Foreign relations of the Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic/D.R. of China relations: Dominican Republic/D.R. of China relations
Dominican Republic/France relations: French occupation of Santo Domingo 1795-1809
Hurricanes and floods in the Dominican Republic: Hurricanes in the Dominican Republic

Ecuador - Geography of Ecuador - Indigenous peoples in Ecuador - Pre-Columbian Ecuador - Spanish colonization of the Americas - History of Ecuador - Demographics of Ecuador
Energy and petroleum in Ecuador: Energy in Ecuador
Economic history of Ecuador since the early 1980s and business cycles: Economic history of Ecuador since the early 1980s
Since March 2020 economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic in Ecuador: Since March 2020 economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic in Ecuador
Taxation in Ecuador: Taxation in Ecuador
Political parties and trade unions in Ecuador: Political parties in Ecuador - Trade unions in Ecuador
Elections and politics in Ecuador: Elections in Ecuador
April 2007 Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly referendum: 15 April 2007 Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly referendum
Social movements and protests in Ecuador: Protests in Ecuador
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Ecuador: Ecuadorian society - Human rights in Ecuador
Provinces and cities in Ecuador: 24 Provinces of Ecuador
Provincial capitals in Ecuador: Provincial capitals in Ecuador
Economy and port of Guayaquil: Economy and port of Guayaquil
Timeline of Guayaquil: History and timeline of Guayaquil
Pichincha province located in the northern sierra region: Pichincha located in the northern sierra region, its capital and largest city is Quito
Port cities and towns in Ecuador: Port cities and towns in Ecuador
Demographics and ethnic groups in Ecuador: Demographics of Ecuador - Ethnic groups in Ecuador
Indigenous peoples in Ecuador: Indigenous peoples in Ecuador
Women in Ecuador: Women in Ecuador
Education in Ecuador: Education in Ecuador
Health in Ecuador: Health in Ecuador
Medical outbreaks and man-made disasters in Ecuador: Medical outbreaks in Ecuador - Man-made disasters in Ecuador
Water supply and sanitation in Ecuador: Water supply and sanitation in Ecuador
Newspapers in Ecuador: Newspapers in Ecuador
Broadcasting in Ecuador: Radio in Ecuador - Television in Ecuador
Crime in Ecuador: Crime in Ecuador
Domestic violence in Ecuador: Domestic violence in Ecuador
Human trafficking in Ecuador: Human trafficking in Ecuador
Terrorism in Ecuador: Terrorism in Ecuador
Law enforcement in Ecuador: Law enforcement in Ecuador
National Police of Ecuador: National Police of Ecuador
2010 Ecuador crisis: 2010 Ecuador crisis
Foreign relations of Ecuador: Foreign relations of Ecuador
Treaties of Ecuador: Treaties of Ecuador
2006-2017 foreign policy of President Rafael Correa: Since 2006 foreign policy of President Rafael Correa
Bilateral relations of Ecuador: Bilateral relations of Ecuador
Ecuador/Belgium relations: Relaciones Ecuador/Bélgica
Ecuador/Brazil relations: Ecuador/Brazil relations
Ecuador/Colombia relations: Ecuador/Colombia relations
Ecuador/Peru relations: Ecuador/Peru relations
Ecuador/Spain relations: Relaciones Ecuador/España (Spain)
1563-1822 Royal Audiencia of Quito: 1563-1822 Royal Audiencia of Quito
Ecuador/United Kingdom relations: Ecuador/United Kingdom relations
Ecuador/Venezuela relations: Ecuador/Venezuela relations
Landforms and ecoregions of Ecuador: Landforms of Ecuador - Ecoregions of Ecuador
Forests of Ecuador: Forests of Ecuador
Water in Ecuador: Water in Ecuador
Conservation in Ecuador: Conservation in Ecuador
World Heritage Sites in Ecuador and Galápagos Islands: World Heritage Sites in Ecuador - Galápagos Islands - Galápagos wildlife - Galápagos National Park
Natural disasters in Ecuador: Natural disasters in Ecuador
Earthquakes in Ecuador: Earthquakes in Ecuador

El Salvador - Geography of El Salvador - History of El Salvador - Demographics of El Salvador
Energy in El Salvador: Energy in El Salvador
Water resources management in El Salvador: Water resources management in El Salvador
Transport in El Salvador: Transport in El Salvador
Rail transport in El Salvador: Rail transport in El Salvador
Road transport in El Salvador: Road transport in El Salvador
Aviation in El Salvador: Aviation in El Salvador
Water transport and ports and harbors in El Salvador: Water transport and ports and harbors in El Salvador
Foreign trade of El Salvador: Foreign trade of El Salvador
Economic history of El Salvador and economic cycles: Economic history of El Salvador
Armed Forces of El Salvador: Armed Forces of El Salvador - Salvadoran Army
October 1979 coup d'état: October 1979 coup d'état
Taxation in El Salvador: Taxation in El Salvador
Political parties and trade unions in El Salvador: Political parties in El Salvador - Trade unions in El Salvador
Elections and politics in El Salvador: Elections in El Salvador
March 2009 Salvadoran presidential election: Salvadoran presidential election March 2009
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in El Salvador: Salvadoran society
Human rights in El Salvador: Human rights in El Salvador
Cities in El Salvador: List of cities in El Salvador
Since 1525 timeline of San Salvador: Timeline of San Salvador since 1525
Ethnic groups in El Salvador: Ethnic groups in El Salvador
Since 1528 Afro-Salvadoran: Afro-Salvadoran since 1528
Gender inequality in El Salvador: Gender inequality in El Salvador
Education in El Salvador: Education in El Salvador
Media in El Salvador: Media in El Salvador
Newspapers in El Salvador: Newspapers published in El Salvador
Broadcasting in El Salvador: Radio in El Salvador - TV in El Salvador
Internet in El Salvador: Internet in El Salvador
Illegal drug trade in El Salvador: Illegal drug trade in El Salvador
Human trafficking in El Salvador: Human trafficking in El Salvador
Gangs in El Salvador: Gangs in El Salvador
Law enforcement in El Salvador: Law enforcement in El Salvador
Foreign relations of El Salvador: Foreign relations of El Salvador
Treaties of El Salvador: Treaties of El Salvador
Bilateral relations of El Salvador: Bilateral relations of El Salvador
El Salvador/Argentine relations: El Salvador/Argentine relations
1977-1986 USA supported 'Operation Charly' and Argentine military intervention: USA supported 'Operation Charly' and Argentine military intervention in Central America/El Salvador 1977-1986
El Salvador/Australia relations: El Salvador/Australia relations
El Salvador/Canada relations: El Salvador/Canada relations
El Salvador/Spain relations:
El Salvador/Taiwan relations:
El Salvador/USA relations: El Salvador/USA relations
Landforms of El Salvador: Landforms of El Salvador
Water in El Salvador: Water in El Salvador
Rivers of El Salvador: List of rivers of El Salvador
Hurricanes in El Salvador: Hurricanes in El Salvador
May 2013 Hurricane Barbara: Hurricane Barbara May 2013
June 2013 Tropical Storm Barry: Tropical Storm Barry June 2013
October 2015 Hurricane Patricia: October 2015 Hurricane Patricia
October 2017 Hurricane Nate: October 2017 Hurricane Nate
October 2018 Hurricane Michael: October 2018 Hurricane Michael
Floods and landslides in El Salvador: Floods and landslides in El Salvador
November 2009 El Salvador floods and mudslides: November 2009 El Salvador floods and mudslides
October 2011 Central America floods and landslides: 17 October 2011: Deadly Central America floods and landslides
Earthquakes in El Salvador: Earthquakes in El Salvador
October 2014 Nicaragua and El Salvador earthquake: October 2014 Nicaragua and El Salvador earthquake

Guatemala - Geography of Guatemala - History of Guatemala - Demographics of Guatemala
Mineral industry and mines in Guatemala: Mineral industry of Guatemala - Mines in Guatemala
Energy in Guatemala: Energy in Guatemala
Coffee production in Guatemala: Coffee production in Guatemala
Foreign trade of Guatemala: Globalization and poverty in Guatemala
Elections and politics in Guatemala: Elections in Guatemala
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Guatemala: Guatemalan society
Departments and municipalities of Guatemala: 22 Departments of Guatemala - 340 Municipalities of Guatemala
Demographics and ethnic groups in Guatemala: Demographics of Guatemala - Ethnic groups in Guatemala
Indigenous peoples in Guatemala: Indigenous peoples in Guatemala
Women in Guatemala: Women in Guatemala
Education in Guatemala: Education in Guatemala
Schools in Guatemala: Schools in Guatemala
Intercultural bilingual education in Guatemala: Intercultural bilingual education in Guatemala
Health and healthcare in Guatemala: Health in Guatemala
Media of Guatemala: Media of Guatemala
Newspapers in Guatemala: List of newspapers in Guatemala
Broadcasting in Guatemala: Broadcasting in Guatemala
Internet in Guatemala: Internet in Guatemala
Crime in Guatemala: Crime in Guatemala
Corruption in Guatemala: Corruption in Guatemala
Terrorism in Guatemala: Terrorism in Guatemala
Terrorism deaths and incidents in Guatemala: Terrorist incidents in Guatemala - Terrorism deaths in Guatemala
Illegal drug trade in Guatemala: Illegal drug trade in Guatemala
Gangs in Guatemala: Gangs in Guatemala
Human trafficking in Guatemala: Human trafficking in Guatemala
Violence against women in Guatemala: Violence against women in Guatemala
Supreme Court of Justice of Guatemala: Supreme Court of Justice of Guatemala
Law enforcement in Guatemala: Law enforcement in Guatemala
Foreign relations of Guatemala: Foreign relations of Guatemala
Treaties of Guatemala: Treaties of Guatemala
Guatemala and the UN: Guatemala and the United Nations
2006-2016 CICIG investigations: 2006-2016 CICIG investigations in Guatemala
Bilateral relations of Guatemala: Bilateral relations of Guatemala
Guatemala/Belize relations: Guatemala/Belize relations
Since 1821 Belizean-Guatemalan territorial dispute: Since 1821 Belizean-Guatemalan territorial dispute
Since 2010 Belize–Guatemala Partial Scope Agreement: Since 2010 Belize–Guatemala Partial Scope Agreement preferential trade agreement
Guatemala/Israel relations: Relaciones Guatemala/Israel
Guatemala/USA relations: Guatemala/USA relations
Guatemala/Vietnam relations: Relaciones Guatemala/Vietnam
Ecoregions in Guatemala: List of ecoregions in Guatemala
Water in Guatemala: Water in Guatemala
Natural disasters in Guatemala: Natural disasters in Guatemala
Hurricanes, storms and landslides in Guatemala: Hurricanes in Guatemala - Landslides in Guatemala
2005 Hurricane Stan: Hurricane Stan 2005
May/June tropical Storm Amanda: May/June tropical Storm Amanda
Earthquakes and volcano eruptions in Guatemala: Earthquakes in Guatemala
September 2017 Chiapas earthquake: September 2017 Chiapas earthquake

Guyana - Geography of Guyana - History of Guyana - Demographics of Guyana
Gold mines in Guyana: Gold mines in Guyana
Energy in Guyana: Energy in Guyana
Rice production in Guyana: Rice production in Guyana
Peanut production in Guyana: Peanut production in Guyana
Water in Guyana: Water in Guyana
Transport in Guyana: Transport in Guyana
Railways in Guyana: Railways in Guyana
Water transport in Guyana: Water transport in Guyana
Banking and banks in Guyana: Banks of Guyana
Bank of Guyana: Bank of Guyana
Economic history of Guyana and economic cycles: Economic history of Guyana
Trade unions in Guyana: Trade unions in Guyana
Elections and politics in Guyana: Elections in Guyana
May 2015 Guyanese general election: 11 May 2015 Guyanese general election
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Guyana: Guyanese society - Human rights in Guyana
Governorates in Guyana: 10 governorates in Guyana
Cities and towns in Guyana: List of cities and towns in Guyana
Georgetown city: a href=",_Guyana">Georgetown city, the capital of Guyana and the country's largest urban centre with a population of 200,500 inhabitants in 2016, situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Demerara River
Economy of Georgetown: Economy of Georgetown
History and timline of Georgetown: History of Georgetown began since 18th century
Demographics of Guyana: Demographics of Guyana
Februar-December 1763 Berbice slave uprising: Februar-December 1763 Berbice slave uprising, a slave revolt in Guyana that began on 23 February, seen as a major event in Guyana's anti-colonial struggles, and when Guyana became a republic in 1970 the state declared 23 February as a day to commemorate the start of the Berbice slave revolt, as insurgents were eventually defeated in the spring of 1764 with the assistance of troops from neighbouring French and British colonies and from Europe including Dutch forces, executing 125 men and 3 women for participating in the rebellion - Cuffy, an Akan man who was killed by the Dutch in 1763 during the uprising, and who was captured in his native West Africa and stolen for slavery to work in the plantations of the Dutch colony of Berbice in present-day Guyana, becoming famous because in 1763 he led the revolt of more than 2,500 slaves against the colony regime, and today he is a national hero in Guyana
Culture of Guyana: Culture of Guyana
Languages of Guyana: Languages of Guyana
Women in Guyana: Women in Guyana
Education in Guyana: Education in Guyana
Health in Guyana: Health in Guyana
Healthcare in Guyana: Hospitals in Guyana
Media in Guyana: Media in Guyana
Newspapers in Guyana: Newspapers published in Guyana
Crime in Guyana: Crime in Guyana
Human trafficking in Guyana: Human trafficking in Guyana
Domestic violence in Guyana: Domestic violence in Guyana
Foreign relations of Guyana: Foreign relations of Guyana
Treaties of Guyana: Treaties of Guyana
Bilateral relations of Guyana: Bilateral relations of Guyana
Guyana/Brazil relations: Guyana/Brazil relations
Guyana/France relations: Guyana/France relations
Guyana/Germany relations: Guyana/Germany relations
Guyana/India relations: Guyana/India relations
Guyana/Netherlands relations: Guyana/Netherlands relations
Februar-December 1763 Berbice slave uprising: Februar-December 1763 Berbice slave uprising, a slave revolt in Guyana that began on 23 February, seen as a major event in Guyana's anti-colonial struggles, and when Guyana became a republic in 1970 the state declared 23 February as a day to commemorate the start of the Berbice slave revolt, as insurgents were eventually defeated in the spring of 1764 with the assistance of troops from neighbouring French and British colonies and from Europe including Dutch forces, executing 125 men and 3 women for participating in the rebellion - Cuffy, an Akan man who was killed by the Dutch in 1763 during the uprising, and who was captured in his native West Africa and stolen for slavery to work in the plantations of the Dutch colony of Berbice in present-day Guyana, becoming famous because in 1763 he led the revolt of more than 2,500 slaves against the colony regime, and today he is a national hero in Guyana
Guyana/Suriname relations: Guyana/Suriname relations
Guyana/United Kingdom relations: Guyana/United Kingdom relations
Guyana/Venezuela relations: Guyana/Venezuela relations

Haiti - Geography of Haiti - Chiefdoms of 'Hispaniola' of the Taíno inhabitants until 1492 - Spanish Hispaniola 1492–1625 - Colony of France Saint-Domingue 1625–1804 - Slavery in Haiti - The rising of the slaves 1791–1793 - Haitian Revolution 1791-1804, elimination of slavery and the founding of the Republic of Haiti - History of Haiti - Demographics of Haiti
Electricity sector in Haiti: Electricity sector in Haiti
Coffee production in Haiti: Coffee production in Haiti
Economic history of Haiti and economic cycles: Economic history of Haiti
Poverty in Haiti: Poverty in Haiti
Political parties in Haiti: Political parties in Haiti
Trade Unions in Haiti: Trade unions in Haiti
Elections and politics in Haiti: Elections in Haiti
October 2019 postponed Haitian parliamentary election: 27 October 2019 Haitian parliamentary election, postponed indefinitely
Society, demographics, culture and human rights in Haiti: Haitian society
1751 Port-au-Prince earthquake: 1751 Port-au-Prince earthquake
Port international de Port-au-Prince: Since 19th century Port international de Port-au-Prince
1915-1934 USA's occupation of Haiti: 1915-1934 USA's occupation of Haiti
January 2010 Haiti and Port-au-Prince earthquake: January 2010 Haiti and Port-au-Prince earthquake
Demographics of Haiti: Demographics of Haiti
Haitian people of Taíno descent: Haitian people of Taíno descent
Jews and Judaism in Haiti today: Jews and Judaism in Haiti today
Culture and languages of Haiti: Culture of Haiti - Languages of Haiti
Women and women's rights in Haiti: Women in Haiti - Women's rights in Haiti
Education in Haiti: Education in Haiti
Schools in Haiti: Schools in Haiti
National Library of Haiti: Since 1939 National Library of Haiti
Health in Haiti: Health in Haiti
Health disasters in Haiti: Health disasters in Haiti
Since 2010 Haiti cholera outbreak: Since 2010 Haiti cholera outbreak
Since March 2020 covid-19 pandemic in Haiti: Since March 2020 covid-19 pandemic in Haiti
Media of Haiti: Media of Haiti
Newspapers in Haiti: Newspapers published in Haiti
Broadcasting in Haiti: Radio in Haiti - TV in Haiti
Internet in Haiti: Internet in Haiti
Crime in Haiti: Crime in Haiti
Corruption in Haiti: Corruption in Haiti
Illegal drug trade in Haiti: Illegal drug trade in Haiti
Modern day slavery in Haiti: Modern day slavery
Sexual violence in Haiti: Sexual violence in Haiti
Law and legal history of Haiti: Haitian law
Law enforcement in Haiti: Law enforcement in Haiti
Foreign relations of Haiti: Foreign relations of Haiti
Treaties of Haiti: Treaties of Haiti
Haiti/World Bank relations: Haiti/World Bank relations
Haiti/United Nations relations: United Nations Mission in Haiti 1993-1996
Since 2004 UN Stabilisation Mission in Haiti: United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti since 2004
UN Cholera controversy: UN Cholera controversy
International humanitarian response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake: International humanitarian response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake
Bilateral relations of Haiti: Bilateral relations of Haiti
Haiti/Canada relations: Haiti/Canada relations
Haiti/Chile relations: Haiti/Chile relations
Haiti/Cuba relations: Haiti/Cuba relations
1977 Cuba–Haiti Maritime Boundary Agreement: 1977 Cuba–Haiti Maritime Boundary Agreement
Haiti/France relations: Haiti/France relations
1625-1809 Colony of France Saint-Domingue: Colony of France Saint-Domingue 1625-1809
Since 1804 external debt of Haiti: External debt of Haiti, one of the main factors that has caused the country's persistent poverty, after the slaves declared themselves free and the country independent in 1804 and France, with the complicity of its allies, demanded that the newly formed country pay the French government and French slaveholders the modern equivalent of US $21 billion dollars for the 'theft' of the slaves' own lives and the land that they had turned into profitable sugar and coffee-producing plantations, this independence debt was financed by French banks and the American Citibank, and finally paid off 143 years later, in 1947 - The Haiti indemnity controversy culminated in an agreement by Haiti to a 1825 gold demand by France for a FRF 150 million indemnity to be paid by the Republic of Haiti in claims over property lost through the Haitian Revolution, delivered to the country by 12 French warships armed with 528 cannons, in return for diplomatic recognition
Haiti/Israel relations: Haiti/Israel relations
Haiti/Jamaica relations: Haiti/Jamaica relations
Haiti/Nigeria relations: Haiti/Nigeria relations
Haiti/Spain relations: Haiti/Spain relations
1492–1625 Spanish Hispaniola: Spanish Hispaniola 1492–1625
Since 16th century slavery in Haiti: Slavery in Haiti - Slavery in the Spanish 'New World' colonies
Haiti/United Kingdom relations: Haiti/United Kingdom relations
Haiti/Venezuela relations: Haiti/Venezuela relations
Water supply and sanitation in Haiti: Water supply and sanitation in Haiti
Natural disasters in Haiti: Natural disasters in Haiti
Hurricanes, storms and floods in Haiti: Hurricanes in Haiti

Honduras - Geography of Honduras - History of Honduras - Demographics of Honduras
Water, bodies of water and rivers of Honduras: Water in Honduras - Bodies of water of Honduras - List of rivers of Honduras
Energy and electricity sector in Honduras: Energy in Honduras - Electricity sector in Honduras
Renewable energy in Honduras: Renewable energy in Honduras
Killed environmental activists in Honduras:
Foreign trade of Honduras: Foreign trade of Honduras
Political parties and trade unions in Honduras: Political parties in Honduras - Trade unions in Honduras
Elections and politics in Honduras: Elections in Honduras
2005 Honduran general election: November 2005 Honduran general election
2016: 8 March 2016: Officials in Honduras have refused coordinator of Friends of the Earth Mexico and director of the NGO 'Otros Mundos' Gustavo Castro Soto, who was shot twice during the murder of environmental activist Berta Cáceres and only survived by playing dead, to leave the country and return to his native Mexico - 8 March 2016: The catalogue of failures in the investigation into the death of Indigenous leader Berta Cáceres last week exposes the Honduran government’s absolute lack of willingness to protect human rights defenders in the country, rights group says after visiting Honduras - 16 March 2016: Nelson García, another indigenous activist has been murdered in Honduras amid an escalating wave of repression against the relatives and colleagues of renowned campaigner Berta Cáceres, who was murdered less than two weeks ago - 11 October 2016: Environmentalists Tomás Gómez Membreño and Alexander García, two indigenous activists in Honduras, have survived separate assassination attempts this week, seven months after their leader, the environmentalist Berta Cáceres was shot dead in her home
December 2017: 1 December 2017: National party's Hernandez accused of illegally meddling in the Sunday’s election in an attempt to hold on to power and deny victory to the opposition Alliance leader Salvador Nasralla - 2 December 2017: Honduras suspends rights as violence spreads over delayed vote count - 3 December 2017: Salvador Nasralla calls for Honduras’ disputed presidential election to be held again after the country erupted in deadly protests over the delayed vote count and the government imposed a dawn-to-dusk curfew - 4 décembre 2017: Le Tribunal suprême électoral a repris le décompte des voix à la présidentielle et les manifestations aussi ont recommencé - 7 December 2017: Eleven days after its general election, Honduras still has no president, but since the 26 November vote at least 11 people have died in clashes with security forces and tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in protests over an electoral process marked by suspicious delays, inexplicable irregularities and opposition claims that the ruling party is trying to steal the election, as Honduran democracy is still reeling from 2009 military coup and USA's support - 18 December 2017: Amid persisting unrest Hernandez declared the winner of Honduras’ disputed election, as the Organization of American States OAS proposes a re-do of the vote and challenger Salvador Nasralla calls for more protests
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